Goodbye KanyeWest

i banned @kanyewest and his sock puppet account @RedPilledGod

ultimately i realized that @kanyewest reminds me of my father too much

i don’t speak to my father so why should i allow @kanyewest on my site

my sadist father always plays dumb in order to just suck the life out of everybody with his miserable takes on everything …

and when you point out to him that he always has the dumbest, shittiest most annoying take on everything ( on purpose ) he says that he is entitled to an opinion …

you may be entitled to your opinion but i’m not obligated to listen to it. you’re going to have to find idiots who will listen to your BS elsewhere.

in the end it doesn’t matter whether @kanyewest was a sadist or a retard. it doesn’t matter if he was deliberately wasting my time like my father ( as a form of passive aggression ) or simply was unable to understand how unoriginal and insufferably boring his takes were.

goodbye @kanyewest you will not be missed.

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i often asked myself - what is the purpose of this site ?

well i know why i need it - because i want to have as much control over my content as possible without having people above me deciding what i am allowed to post.

but why do other site users need this site ? they have no more control on here than they do on GAB for example.

and it is only after banning @kanyewest that i finally realized what the answer is …

because all these sites like Twitter, GAB and yes, my site here - are ultimately only pretending to have rules. in the end we don’t ban people because they break rules - but because we simply don’t like these people.

actual Kanye West wasn’t banned from Twitter for breaking any rules, but because Elon Musk simply didn’t want him there.

i haven’t been tracking who gets banned from GAB but i don’t see any Satanists on GAB for example … clearly Torba doesn’t like Satanists so they’re all gone. how he got rid of them i don’t know. but they’re not there.

and me ? i don’t like Sadists and others who play dumb.

as for people who are actually dumb ? i wish them all the best, but they will have to live their best life SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Ultimately it’s like this - everybody PRETENDS their site is about free speech but in reality …

Truth Social = Trump Social
Twitter = Elon Social
Gab = Torba Social
DissidentSound = Dissident Social

No matter how much we pretend we are fair we will never be.

We will always impose ourselves onto our platform.

Ultimately people using a platform and people running it have to be OK with each other. And any sort of fairness or freedom of speech is NONSENSE and is PURE FANTASY or a sort of a LIBERTARIAN UTOPIA.

reality is you can’t throw a bunch of Islamists, Jews, Christians, Satanists, Nazis, Communists, Whites, Blacks etc into a community and expect that community to function. this is a LIBERTARIAN FANTASY.

all communities have always functioned by PURGING themselves of the undesirables.

i finally realize my function here is NOT to offer a free speech platform, but in fact to be a tyrant.


and you aren’t here for free speech but for my particular brand of Tyranny.

same as on any other site or any community that actually functions.

this is a world of shit.

and everybody tries to pretend it’s a rose garden.

the shit isn’t going to flush itself down.

a friend of all is a friend of none.

my mother is a perfect example of that.

anyway i still can’t get over the fact that @kanyewest is gone.

i’m so happy :slight_smile:

was just on Twitter reading about how parking spaces are wasting space in cities and i was like - only a few days ago i could read this very same bullshit on my own website, but thankfully those days are over :slight_smile:

you will not know happiness until you have experienced pain.

let’s see what were some of the most painfully retarded opinions of @kanyewest

1 - the planet is running out of space for roads and parking lots ( despite all cities and roads occupying just 1% of land )

2 - traffic problem is not solvable because science says so, even though all city planning for the last couple of decades has been focusing on removing road capacity in order to artificially create traffic. city planners call this “traffic calming” …

if a city planner was raping a child and the child was screaming and city planner knocked the child out with a brick he would call this " child calming " no doubt …

3 - solutions such as trains are “utopian” and constitute “reinventing the wheel” … we must stick to what works, namely walking. any mode of transportation more advanced than walking is simply beyond what humanity is capable of …

4 - a jumbo jet hit Pentagon, just 2 miles away from the White House in broad daylight which is why nobody has seen it and no video exists of a plane over a densely populated urban area …

5 - WTC Building 7 collapse was not controlled demolition despite there being no real damage to the building and despite the owner Larry Silverstein going on video to say that he has ordered the demolition personally

6 - Democracy works. It is just a coincidence that we always get what WEF wants. If we all end up eating bugs, sleeping in pods and all the children end up trans that was a natural occurrence and not at all a part of some evil plan, even though the Elites literally have been saying they will do these things for a hundred years.

those are just of the top of my head … who knows how many other pearls of wisdom @kanyewest would have blessed us with if only he was still with us …

of course it wasn’t ALL bad.

@kanyewest did have some positions that were sensible …

but i was just getting this uncomfortable feeling that he only uses those sensible positions to get some credibility in order to then push his other positions …

kind of like Ben Shapiro would have some sensible positions and then tell you how there is only one race the human race and Jews are the victims …

worst of all @kanyewest showed essentially no flexibility on his positions even when faced with overwhelming evidence that he was flat out wrong …

for example when he said there are videos of Pentagon getting hit by a plane and i asked him to show me those videos he simply dropped the issue … he never admitted that he lied and that in fact there aren’t any videos …

a person who keeps lying and ignoring the evidence … is not an asset.

i honestly don’t know what his problem was. was he a sadistic troll like my father ? was he a FED ? was he a retard ?

doesn’t matter in the end.

rest assured there will be NO freedom of speech on this platform.

any piece of shit that reminds me of @kanyewest will be banned.

if you want to disagree with me your ideas have to be original and brilliant, or at least your ideas must not be aligned with WEF / Jews.

if “your” ideas simply regurgitate the bullshit taught in schools or discussed on TV you’re getting banned.

i didn’t stop watching TV over 15 years ago to have a TV-brain infest my site now.

whether you’re a FED, Troll or Retard is irrelevant.

no difference at all.

I apologize for taking so long to ban him

it’s a war and despite @kanyewest pretending to be on our side he was very clearly on the side of WEF

scum like him must be dealt with as harshly as possible within legal limits

and i have failed to do so

don’t fall for the “free speech” argument - scum like @kanyewest is free to peddle his WEF propaganda on literally any big-tech platform

in fact WEF itself is free to do so and does exactly that

we owe NOTHING to WEF shills

i was just thinking about how Progressives attacked Mr. Beast for curing 1000 blind people because it was “able-ist” of him to do so …

that is, in curing blindness he essentially implied that there is something wrong with being blind …

so according to Progressives he should have just left them blind …

just like how Progressives believe that you should deliberately infect people with HIV in order to destigmatize homosexuality …

this is what we’re up against.

it’s an all out war.

and @kanyewest despite having plenty of opportunities has failed to distance himself from these people that are waging war on us …

at some point you have to choose between remaining open minded and surviving.

choose wisely.

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we unbanned KW since he was posting as Kim K anyway …