Gone Girl ( 2014 )

5 stars …

this movie is demented …

it’s almost like a Park Chan-wook movie yet unmistakably American …

and the ending is straight out of my worst nightmares …

there is a risk of PTSD for @marlon here ( the movie is about the dark side of marriage )

actually it’s about moral ambiguity …

also the movie is LONG so allocate sufficient time …

Ben Affleck flashes his cock but the most memorable part of the movie is Emily Ratajkowski’s tits … that bitch is ugly but damn her body was on point in 2014 …

No spoilers this time…

The Message of the Film (cue 21st Century Fox opening music with growling lion).

Woman (especially hot blond ones) = divinity
men = dumb slaves who worship divinity
American life = surreal mixture of reality, fantasy & TV
American woman = soulless narcissist
Don’t marry a woman smarter than you.
Don’t marry, period.
You become what you pretend to be.

It is too long (I’d take out 30 minutes).
And this, for me, became a horror movie.

recent movies are making marriage look like some kind of death cult …

and frankly this matches my real life experience …

i only talk to married people like you because i have no choice - most people are married …

otherwise, if it was up to me, i would just lock up married people as dangerous sociopaths …

of course that’s precisely the messaging for which these movies are created, namely MARRIAGE BAD. FAMILY BAD.

hollywood is basically trying to make “marriage” “family” and “nightmare” interchangeable terms.

although i understand this is Jew propaganda what i have seen in real life doesn’t really contradict this assessment.

i am afraid @marlon hollywood has more movies like this in store for you as they won’t stop until family is abolished just as Karl Marx wanted.

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Why? The elites are already doing their part…

More thoughts on the film:

  • Social pressure…community expectations (replaced by media pressure in the film), children etc. do weld marriages together.
  • Like Solomon says in Ecclesiastes, money does answer everything…including marriage.
  • Men are actually the emotional ones.

men are emotional only when it comes to pretty girls

women are emotional in general

but calculating and manipulative when it comes to men

it’s a paradox kind of like giving stimulants to children with ADD calms them down …

having higher emotional intelligence than men actually allows women to be less emotional when it counts …

( a theory i made up just now )

one reason i watch romance movies is because it always bothered me how my GF played me like a fiddle despite being 18 years old … but then i realized while guys like me read forums about building speakers girls read romance novels then when we go to battle we are completely unprepared and they crush us …

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Yes…I meant in the relationship sense.
However, as time passes that emotional effect wears off.

For you, it seems to have worn off very quickly.
I think you mentioned a year or two.

i never was in a relationship long enough to test it.

but i noticed that as i get older my gym crushes so to speak wear off faster.

by the time a gym girl starts to develop a crush on me typically i am not interested in her anymore.

which is where age of consent etc comes in. young people can fall in love deeply and for a long time but old people can’t. if we can waste their youth they will never start a family.

Yes. The intensity, the heat, the rush of your emotions is strongest when young and inexperienced. You can forge something solid with that.

AOC isn’t the biggest thing preventing early marriage. Societal programming, and plain old money…Unless you are Amish, Mennonite, Orthodox etc. , how can you afford it and get the social backing needed?

the entire society including age of consent is designed to prevent people from reproducing.

or was.

now it’s designed to prevent them from being able to live at all.

somehow 20 mexicans can live in one room but Americans that live in 5 bedroom houses must have kids move out at 18.

by the time these kids are financially secure enough to buy their own home to start a family they have been through so many breakups and abortions …

now imagine if kids were allowed to start having kids of their own as soon as they hit puberty ? and if people weren’t judged for the size of their house and car but the size of their family ( bigger is better ) ?

population would absolutely explode …

in Brooklyn when i was in high school i once went to a Latina’s home ( we had a lifeguard class together in school ) and it was just like the stereotype - a whole bunch of people in one room.

Mexicans multiply like rabbits. Whites don’t. We imposed our own doom on ourselves ( with help of Jews etc ).