Ghost of Dubai

to believe Urbanists cars ruin cities yet NYC ( the most car free city in US by far, at least twice as car free as any other US city ) is also the fastest dying by far with 50% office vacancy rate ( highest in US and double that of nearest “competitor” )

and of course Dubai is a phenomenal success story, so according to Urbanists it must only have narrow one lane twisty roads that make it impossible for any motor vehicle to go faster than about 30 mph to keep things safe for cyclists ?

meanwhile in reality:

yeah pretty much as always reality is the opposite of what Urbanists claim. because 100% of Urbanists are either professional liars or useful idiots.

look at that fucking Dubai road and weep. this is the kind of roads you need for economy to boom.

wide, flat and straight.

as all roads should be.

watch the video above then realize there are people ( well, not people, Urbanists ) so fucking stupid they would rather ride a bicycle because they think it is faster !

i shit you not they are that stupid ! i didn’t believe it myself until i talked to them. and i talked to them for YEARS trying to instill some common sense in them but they are too far gone.

as the great OSHO said “the people are retarded”