Game Technique i developed ( not only for sex ! )

although i am MGTOW i still use game on women out of sheer sadism. i enjoy it when women develop crushes on me even though i have quit dating a decade ago and will never talk to them.

i want to share a technique i haven’t heard about that i developed myself, though it’s possible others use it already.

when people ( men or women ) first see you their mind immediately goes to work categorizing and classifying you to try to put you in a box with a label on it so they don’t have to think about you again. this isn’t specific to sexual matters, but is a property of the mind to try to minimize the amount of required processing by using assumptions and generalizations.

so for example when a girl sees you she may think you’re a “fuckboy” or “try hard” or “loser” or “show off” or whatever. she will try to put a label on you. this is same as how you will try to put a “bimbo” or “hoe” or “slut” or “mudshark” or “dyke” or whatever label on a woman. the goal is to put a label on a person and forget about them.


when somebody is trying to put a label on you - your goal should be to frustrate their efforts by DEFYING stereotypes. deliberately act in ways that are contradictory so that no label they want to put on you sticks.

for example in the gym and pool ( which is where i come across hot women ) i make it a point to do the completely opposite types of training - the most Alpha kind and also the most pussified type of training. so i will alternate between using pathetically emasculating exercises with super light weights and then go and Olympic Lift where half the gym gathers to see if i will die or not.

i do the same thing in the pool - where i spend half my work out in the therapy pool, which is basically a large hot tub and i do mostly stretching there. then i go to the cold / olympic pool an do butterfly sprints.

the point is to CONFUSE people. if they can’t put a label on you they are forced to keep thinking about you, keep trying to classify you and understand you - but they can never succeed because you’re anticipating their attempts and thwarting them.

there are only two outcomes in this - either they keep thinking about you forever ( which is already a win ) or they can’t take it anymore and they come up and try to talk to you to find out for themselves what you really are.

Robert Greene wrote about something SIMILAR when he said that during WW2 Nazis tried to confuse British troops and reversed all the road signs in the area - but because all of the signs were reversed the British were able to figure out what happened. Instead the Germans should have RANDOMIZED the signs, rather than reverse them.

A common mistake most guys make is they ALWAYS try to impress women and since they have an idea of what is impressive they end up ALWAYS acting the same way, which makes them very boring to women and also very easy to categorize, put in a box with a label and forget about.

Instead you want to create a mystique to where nobody can understand what you’re about. The less they understand the more they have to think about you and ultimately leaves them no choice but come talk to you to try to find out.

But to create such a mystique, to act randomly, you must sometimes act BELOW your true capacity, and this is why most guys can’t do it. They are so desperately trying to show their best side ALL THE TIME that they become cardboard cutouts. Like the Germans who reversed every single sign 180 degrees instead of only moving some of the signs and by random amounts. More is not always better.

This works on men as well as on women. That is to say while women are attracted to mystique men fear the unknown. So the same technique that makes women want to get close to you is also what makes men fear you. It’s a win-win.

The hard part for most guys is to be able to control their impulse to ALWAYS show their strongest side. You of course want to sometimes show strength but you must remain unknowable rather than a cardboard cutout.

If you ALWAYS show your strongest side everybody knows your EXACT level of strength and thus the exact amount of force required to break you. you are a 2-dimensional cardboard cutout - you have no depth - no mystique. if you can be analyzed you can be managed. there is no incentive to get to know you because everybody thinks they know you already and so on.

similar approaches have been used in Chess, namely making bad moves deliberately for their value in confusing the opponent. the applications of the principle really are endless. you could use something similar in warfare, MMA fighting etc. basically the worst mistake you can make is to be 100% consistent.

if you understand that life is a game and everybody is your opponent then the worst mistake you can make is provide your enemies with a user manual to yourself, and being 100% consistent all the time is all that this would take.