Full On Dementia in Music Form

Of The Trees - The Owl Song

Boys Be KKO - Nether Portal

Shanti Celeste - Cutie (Edit)

1st one reminds me of portishead :wink:

they just replaced a woman with an Owl :slight_smile:

i wonder if in a few years we will get AI generated music where they will be able to get any instrument to sound like anything else …

for example get a male vocalist to sound like a female or like a bird or anything at all …

AI can already do this for images - it must be possible to do it for audio …

Didnt you see the fake morgan freeman video ? So yeh I think they pretty much already have the tech

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no i didn’t see it but ultimately AI can always fool a human brain if it uses the same math as the brain does in which case it can reverse engineer what your brain needs to see or hear in order to be duped …

i don’t know the details of how it works but you basically train a model on data sets, so in this case on a bunch of videos of Morgan Freeman and then the model can hallucinate Morgan Freeman back at you just as he might come to you in a dream after watching one of his movies

and in the dream he will say whatever your imagination tells him to say and same for the AI generated content - you can get it to do what you want …

of course your brain has fixed processing capacity and isn’t primarily designed to dream whereas AI can be optimized for the task and produce a much more realistic result …

we’re lucky we grew up before this technology was invented so we can at least remember the real world as everything is about to become fake …

WODD - Easy To Love (feat. LIA)




my rule is simple - anything Boomers can listen to is not music …

enjoy new release from Onumi !


Thys, Two Fingers, Varien - Hodo (Varien: Redo)

Tokyo Machine - BLEEP BLOOP

Au5 & Lomaximus - Save Our Souls

first contribution from NOSTR !

phonon - polyriddim