Full Frame vs Crop Sensor Camera

i know i know - nobody buys Cameras anymore - that whole trend died with the smartphones - but many people don’t understand the difference between Full Frame and Crop Sensor

and in fact you still won’t understand after watching this video

but i liked the video and wanted to share it

I haven’t paid attention to cameras in a long time. Back in the day full frame was superior because sensor technology was still at a point where larger pixels were necessary to get the highest sensitivity for optimal low light performance and contrast.

I assume that nowadays sensors are so advanced that it doesn’t matter so much anymore. Smaller sensors already have so much resolution and contrast that the limiting factor is optics.

Which still makes full frame sensors better because they can use larger lenses.

But not better enough to matter for 99% of use cases.

The crop cameras we have today are leagues better than the full frame cameras of 10 years ago, and those cameras were already leagues better than anything anyone practically needed for photography.

that was my mistake when i got a Four Thirds DSLR around 2008 or so.

but reality is that photons are discrete and smaller sensors will always capture fewer photons thus always have higher noise.

Micro Four Thirds is now dying and APS-C is barely surviving. Full Frame now rules supereme.

The reason being that that Amateur photographers now use smartphones while the pros always used Full Frame and will continue to do so because of the reason i mentioned.

As most new lenses are full frame that makes it even harder for crop sensor cameras to stay relevant because only an idiot would buy into a system with no lenses.

There is really only two players now - Full Frame Sony and Full Frame Canon.

they were neck in neck even last year but then 3 months ago Canon has banned third party Lenses resulting in them getting pulled from the stores so while 3 months ago you could buy a Sigma or Tamron lens for your Canon now you can’t.

it seems that Canon shot themselves in the foot with that dick move because the latest data from the biggest Camera store in Japan now in that top 5 selling cameras are all Sony with only one Canon in the top 10.

It seems photographers are refusing to invest into a closed system where they will be limited to buying lenses from just one manufacturer.

Canon lenses are still the best and i think are competitively priced versus Sony, but Sony has that option of getting a Sigma or Tamron and saving money whereas Canon no longer does.

Even recently i was leaning towards Canon because their mirrorless lens mount is much more recent than Sony’s and better optimizing for full frame because Sony’s mount was developed when everybody thought crop sensors were the future … then crop sensors have failed and Canon developed a new mount while Sony is sticking with the old one …

Lens lineup for new Canon mount was limited but i thought - no big deal - situation will improve. and then Canon banned 3rd party lenses …

Canon still has the advantage of having better ergonomics than Sony but i’m afraid it’s game over and with help from Canon, now Sony is the undisputed champ - beating Canon by Disqualification !