Fresh 7 day vacation from X

i said this in response to a person openly calling for depopulation ( he used the word depopulation ) on behalf of the Globalists.

his argument was that 45% of all births are unwanted and this presents an opportunity for “degrowth” / depopulation.

he used both those words and even specifically insisted that we have to destigmatize the use of the word “depopulation” and openly talk about.

i replied as you see in above screenshot of Tweet i was forced to remove.

so they’re bombing Gaza into oblivion ( Genocide ) while openly calling for Depopulation of Whites but G-d forbid somebody suggests depopulating blacks and you go on Twitter Vacation.

there is about 1 billion whites on the planet out of 8 billion total population and the number of white people is DECLINING. so globally Whites are about 12% of population and that number is dropping FAST yet everybody is called “minority” except Whites.

there is over a billion blacks in Africa alone.

there is over a billion Indians in India alone.

and there are more black babies born in Nigeria alone than White babies born in all of Europe.


but White People are the ones who need to get “depopulated” and we should be openly discussing how to do it faster than it is already happening.

to save the planet of course !

then because there are no children to pay off the national debt we must import Nigerians and Pajeets.

and if you disagree with this you get suspended from Twitter. you know, the “free speech” platform.

or was my crime that i didn’t express myself eloquently enough GIVEN MY 280 CHARACTERS ???

free speech !

you can say whatever you want !

but you can’t use more than 280 characters !

and if we don’t like what you said you are banned.

i had served my 7 days and was informed of that by Twitter, but now it wants me to delete two more tweets:

oddly enough after deleting these two additional tweets i was able to post again.

so on one hand i’m impressed they didn’t permanently suspend my account ( yet ) …

on other hand it is more than a little bit disturbing that you can say anything you want EXCEPT things that would actually make a difference …

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LOL, they might have done you a favor. Posts like that first one could have the FBI visiting your house :joy:

It’s probably a good thing that the branches of the Federal government are so busy feuding with each other right now, or otherwise they probably would’ve been sending dissidents to FEMA camps since J6.

i literally just clarified Jefferson’s Quote as it applies to modern times

i didn’t say i was going to do it. i didn’t say specifically who should be killed. i literally restated Jefferson.

if we can’t do that much we may as well stop LARPing and make Klaus Schwab G_D-Emperor of the planet.

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there are only two paths to victory:

1 - you must have more money than Jews have

2 - you must kill more people than Jews kill

there is virtually no hope for 1

and very little hope for 2 either

but there is no 3rd option

you can’t vote your way out of tyranny

and you can’t defeat a genocide by pointing out that it is bad

there are realistically two options

1 - fight and die

2 - just die

we are all Palestinians

I was partly joking but you never know these days what might get you vanned. You probably were OK because you only spoke in general terms. On the other hand, I know someone who said on Twitter that Lindsay Graham specifically should be killed (for advocating war with Iran and supporting the thing in Gaza) and he wasn’t banned either, just asked to delete his post.

Also I don’t really think they will do the FEMA camp thing in peacetime because it’s too much work and the work ethic of people in government varies. The more active ones seem to be obsessed with putting Trump in prison right now, so they’re a bit distracted.

The points you made: #1 is theoretically possible. You could in theory put together a mafia that gets significant power and wealth in the real world. Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, etc – the Paypal Mafia did this. Where it runs into problems is in practice. When I was in college, for my senior project we had an application that could’ve been the core of a startup. And I tried to get the other guys in my group motivated to work on it after the class was over. Couldn’t get a single one to show up. This is not an isolated phenomenon. Most people will just not work together outside of the context of school and work. The Jews, their success is the result of both intelligence and cohesion, the latter thing being what we lack. There’s no shortage of high IQ Aryans but they don’t work together on anything for the most part.

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by the way since my account was restored i already served another 12 hour sentence for a separate new offense, but didn’t bother detailing it because 12 hours is less than a slap on the wrist.

anyway to the more important issue:

yes indeed as Noah Yuval Harari teaches the key to success on society level is not IQ, it is cooperation.

Asians have higher IQs than whites, but they are only able to thrive in White Societies whereas their own societies are inferior. Why ? They are individualistic and lack comassion. They do exceptionally well in White Societies that are built around collaboration and altruism and have few defenses against individualists like Asians. In white societies Asians get all of the benefits of their high IQ while externalizing the downsides of their selfishness.

In their own societies Asians can’t externalize the negatives of them being vapid, soul-less cunts who don’t care about each other and work only to get enough power to put each other down. thus resulting in All Asian societies being miserable. with life in China consisting of nothing more than studying math to buy status symbols like iPhones and Teslas.

Jews on other hand are simultaneously

1 - more intelligent than whites
2 - place the same high emphasis on learning as Asians, but learn ALL things instead of just math
3 - more collaborative ( within the tribe ) than whites
4 - obsessed with increasing power of the tribe rather than just their own.
5 - largely unconcerned with status symbols - will literally live like rats in tunnels while pimping Nigger Rappers who drive Bentleys …

all Jews do is study and collaborate to increase the power of their tribe. they don’t care about anything else.

that makes Jews unstoppable.

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