Finalmouse Just Owned Everyone

OK well that’s just the title of the video but its lighter and lower latency than my Razer and not by a small margin

it seems like if you’re a serious gamer might be worth it

my opinion that in games that try to be at least slightly realistic like PUBG as long as you use a good new gaming mouse from a reputable maker like Razer or Logitech it won’t matter much which one …

but in less realistic games like Fortnite where you’re not limited by physics of your game character you will be limited by how fast you can move your mouse, and thus mouse weight and latency …

in PUBG your character has MASS. it can’t move with lightning speed so to survive you need to be smart basically. in Fortnite by comparison your character can move as fast as you can move your mouse and you can play like an idiot as long as you are faster than everybody else. in this case spending a bit more on a lighter, faster mouse may make sense.

i’m oversimplifying here ( or being downright wrong ) because the mass of the character in PUBG doesn’t necessarily apply to aiming, but rather to the movement of the character … still … my point is simply that some games are more about being smart while others are more about being fast.

PUBG is a more adult game so it’s more about being smart. Fortnite is a more kid game so it’s more about being fast.

which is ironic because it’s for kids but you need more expensive gear to play it …

this FinalMouse reviewed here is $199 which is pretty fucking steep for a mouse !