Finally somebody who loves children as much as my father

of course my father would do this when nobody was watching and make it look like an accident

what’s amazing is people like this do completely fine in society so long as they aren’t retarded like person in question here

but retarded people don’t do well regardless even if they are angels

so really our society doesn’t punish evil - it punishes incompetence

Your father sounds like a real piece of shit. Is he still around?

i’m sorry i know i started it myself but i just want people to acknowledge that evil exists - i don’t want to get into personal details.

my problem is that most people ( like my mother ) just like to put on pink glasses and try to ignore it away.

our society for whatever reason condones lying and faced with evil looks the other way.

i think people should have the right to remain silent, but i don’t think anybody should have the right to lie. perjury is a crime so you can’t lie under oath … but why not just extend it to where you simply can’t lie PERIOD. is it so fucking hard not to lie ? once again - i think you should have the right to remain silent.

so for example if you ask your GF where she been last night she should have the right to say " i don’t have to tell you " but if she lies you should be able to take her to court and lock her up.

how is somebody using your for time and money any different as somebody either mugging you or keeping you imprisoned by robbing you of your time ?

sure some things are relative or subjective but lying is not. a question like “did you sleep with somebody last night ?” isn’t ambiguous. we as a society simply CHOOSE to make it acceptable to lie.

i disagree with this.

Ye wants to ban porn … believe me lying does a lot more harm than porn - why not ban lying ?

And also in many European countries it is illegal to deny the holocaust … which didn’t even happen ( OK something happened, but not 6 million Jews gassed ) … yet nobody has to acknowledge any other evil.

Now i don’t think we should legally force people to acknowledge evil but we should stigmatize the denial of evil.

Instead so called “good people” pride themselves on only seeing the good in others.

“hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil”

“if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything”


A friend of all is a friend of none ! If you don’t have enemies you aren’t a good person. You aren’t a person at all. You’re a weasel.

I’ve been reading about Stalin recently. He was perhaps the most evil human being ever to walk the face of this earth. Nothing I can imagine is as evil as he was in reality. On the contrary, Jews had to cook up a bunch of lies to describe how evil Hitler allegedly was, but that’s another story.

Stalin was also beaten and abused by his father when he was a kid. That certainly had a lot to do with becoming a monster as an adult.

Most men who are abused as children don’t go on to become monsters as adults. I don’t think you are a monster, or at least not that I know.

There is a genetic component as well. If your dad abuses you and you share his genetics as well, then nature and nurture work together to create someone very likely to have problems… to say the least.

I know people who were adopted or raised in foster homes who endured a lot of abuse. They didn’t share that genetic component with their adoptive parents, so they went on to become adults who just had to carry the pain but never wanted to hurt anyone as a result.

I think with Stalin he was probably a devil in the first place, and his father managed to beat any humanity out of him that may have been there.

Anyway, I don’t know what your situation is, but as I tell everyone, Jesus is the answer. Even if you don’t worship Jesus as a deity and don’t care about silly magic tricks and stories about virgin births and all of that, you can still read his teachings and respect him as a rabbi or whatever. His message was about saving humanity from darkness and sin. We must follow in his footsteps to break the cycle of suffering that defines most of human history.

don’t know much about Stalin other than he and my pops share the same ethnicity ( Georgian ) and therefore my last name sounds similar to Stalin’s real last name … of course we’re also both Jews.

Not sure if my pops really admired Stalin or just pretended to in order to torture my grandma who survived Holodomor in Ukraine. Every time grandma would come over pops would start his usual lecture about how Stalin was a great leader and of course in Soviet Union you couldn’t disagree with something like that so my grandparents were forced to listen to that drivel. Pops would get something like sexual arousal from watching people suffer and seeing their life getting shortened.

I very highly doubt Stalin was more evil than my pops. What is outrageous to me though that when i would accuse him everybody would take his side including Grandma and everybody else even though he has tortured them all ! Humans have some kind of a pathology where they always rush to defend evil from attack.

Of course the reason is that humans assume that evil is going to win and they want to be on the winning side … what they don’t realize is that by siding with evil even if they bet correctly on who is going to win - they will still be the next victim themselves. No sympathy for them at all.

I don’t really care what Hitler did or didn’t do. He’s dead. I do care that we aren’t allowed to talk about him unless we’re reading from a script written by Jews.

i don’t know if he was beaten by his father, but his parents were divorced and he was sent to orphanage.

i wasn’t beaten by my father. in fact i was probably the ONLY boy not beaten by his father in Soviet Union. the reason my father wouldn’t do it is 2 fold:

1 - he was too scared to blow his cover and let people see him for what he is.
2 - he was afraid that punishing me would actually be good for me in the long run.

i think it’s mostly epigenetic. meaning genetic but not inherited. epigenetics refers to the way DNA ends up being expressed through the process of development. in other words i think his parents sent my pops to the orphanage BECAUSE they realized he was a sadist. he didn’t become a sadist from being abused as my Grandma and others have tried to convince me. my whole life they kept telling me these stories about how i have to forgive my father because he had a rough childhood … then i went to a shrink that my mom and pops also were seeing and the shrink told me my pops was already that way BEFORE he was sent to the orphanage …

what Grandma and others were telling me was just COPE.

exactly. i had a friend in high school whose parents were divorced ( later his father was murdered in Russia ) and he was quite troubled, but not sadistic like my father. i ultimately got tired of his shit and cut him off, but i think he was just fucked up, not a sadist.

he was probably a devil in the first place and his father simply taught him that in this world only good is punished, never evil.

the reason Ye is leaning into Jesus is because Ye knows if it’s him against the Jews he loses, but if it’s Jews vs Christians then it’s a fight.

this is why when Ye is asked what is your website he replies “the Bible is my website” …

Ye wants to be very clear that an attack on him is an attack on the Bible … that is smart for somebody in his position …

Me though ? I don’t need to hide behind anybody’s back. I can take ownership of my views. I don’t need to say " these aren’t my views, this is what Jesus said " …

I never had any interest in adopting anybody else’s position on anything. Ever since i was a small child i never considered it for one second. I always knew i would develop my own views on every matter. I never read the bible and never will. I always was and always will be the final authority for myself. Not Jesus or anybody else.

How has she functioned in society for so long?
Looks deranged.
I have a sinking feeling that she works with old people or children…
And that she has done this before…

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all poor people are retarded or mentally ill.

which is why riding mass transit is dangerous.

as i was trying to explain to @kanyewest the purpose of middle class lifestyle ( single family home and car ) is to avoid contact with the poors.

it isn’t that people aren’t smart enough to figure out how to get by without cars, it’s that cars are steel shining armor that protects normal people from the poors.

while “car free” cities are open air concentration camps for the lepers like that woman, who is actually fairly typical for the type of scum that infest cities.

Ideally, a city would have mass transport tiered by cost - if the goal was better living for the inhabitants/less car use - but this is politically a non-starter.

if we had mass transit by skin color i would move back to the city !

People with the wrong skin color would only be able to buy one way tickets out of the city.

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in Kiev obviously everybody on the bus was white and we had no problems for the most part, except for occasional alcoholics.

the real problem was that you could freeze to death just waiting for the bus.

in fact my pops had attempted to do that to me by deliberately being as slow as possible ( shopping on the street market ) when it was -30C and my feet were wet hoping i would lose my toes to frost bite … i was like 8 years old …

it took him like 40 minutes to pick out half a quart of sour cream after i already told him that i couldn’t feel my toes … and every time he would do something like this the entire family would do their best to come up with some excuses for him …

same as how this woman who pushed a child onto train tracks will probably get like a week of community service or something …