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Fiets is Amsterdamish ( Dutch ) for feet / bicycle

Professor is Newspeak for enjoyer of Klaus Schwab dick.

it may be too hard for fietsprofessor to understand this but we don’t use cars to stay in one place - we use them to go from A to B. so when we talk about road capacity what we really want to know is how many people the road can move from A to B not how many people can permanently camp out in the middle of the road ( this is hard for shit-libs to understand since they only use roads to stage their protests there ).

anyway do you know what happens when cyclists get packed this close together ?

this is what happens:

i say this as a cyclist myself.

bicycles can only remain balanced when they are IN MOTION and they need to be able to move side to side in order to balance. which means that in practical terms a cycle needs almost as much space as a car, unless cyclists are in a group in which case they all move at the same speed and in same direction and take up less space … but a group of people driving would occupy a single vehicle altogether.

furthermore when you consider that cars travel at average speed of 40 - 60 mph while bicycles travel at an average speed of 10 - 15 mph you can see that for any given road capacity even assuming there is only one person in each car ( obviously on average there is more ) even with half as many cars as bicycles on the road the road capacity ( throughput ) for cars will still be DOUBLE that of bicycles because a car only needs to spend 1/4 the amount of time on the road to get from A to B compared to a bike ( because it is moving at 4X the speed ).

and when you consider a person walks at 3-4 mph versus a car at 30-40 mph you will see you only need 1 car ( even if there is only one person inside ) on the road to match road capacity of a pedestrian scenario with 10 people walking on that same road.

in other words there is NO BENEFIT to switching from cars to bicycles or walking.

the graphic is A LIE designed to dupe LOW IQ RETARDS.

which is generally true for most content put out by city planners and cycling activists

they target primarily children and homosexuals because these are the demographics that have no experience with cars. children for obvious reasons and homosexuals for reasons that will be explained later.

no suburban adult that owns a car is going to voluntarily give it up so city planners and cycling activists do not bother trying to make their propaganda convincing for people who actually know anything about cars. instead they target women, children and the mentally ill.

the plan is if they can get enough idiots who have never owned cars to believe that cars are evil then these idiots can vote to ban cars for everybody else.

this is the beauty of democracy - everything in a democracy is decided by the dumbest of idiots who are being brainwashed by the most cynical of sociopaths.

this is from a different clown but it’s about Road Capacity so i will put it here:

in the illustration:

  • bicycles are moving at twice the speed of cars …
  • pedestrians are only slightly slower than cars …

in what universe is car speed somewhere between pedestrian and bicycle speed ?

also check this out:

he’s a “senior transportation specialist” for WORLD BANK

why i am shocked …

@kanyewest reliably informed me this was just a conspiracy theory …

Why homos?
They don’t have kids…?

starting with feminists in the 1920s the elites are using sexuality to undermine society.

they have created feminists, homosexuals and trannies to destroy society.

these are their trained attack dogs.

they use them for everything - including attacking cars.

they also use other garbage and malcontents such as Negroes and Junkies as well.

as George Carlin said " the poor are there just to scare the shit out of the middle class "

what these Homos don’t realize is they were artificially created for the purpose of destabilizing society.

same as how in the movie “Midsommar” they used inbreeding to create retards in order to then use their mind “unclouded by cognition” to try to arrive at some wisdom …

basically it’s easy to convince homosexuals that the world is defective, when it is them who are defects.

create defective people ( feminists, homosexuals ) and then convince them to “fix” the world in their own defective image … thus destroying it ( which is the goal )

straight from the horse’s mouth:

YOU are the problem and depopulation is the solution

it’s a conspiracy theory though :wink:

remember - in a City Planner’s world space only exists on roads and parking lots:

i literally live like the guy in the picture but it doesn’t count because my house wasn’t build in the middle of a parking lot - it was built in a middle of a forest.

remember - trees, playgrounds, parks and all good things in this world can ONLY be placed in the exact location where there are currently roads and parking lots

our resident dumb fuck @kanyewest was absolutely adamant about this - try as i might i could never convince the retard that space also exists outside of cities

also note Cycling Professor is trying to make it seem in the cartoon as if he is the rebel who is oppressed by Establishment goons … when of course he IS the establishment and in fact he is ABOVE government.

rat bastards like Cycling Professor push the agenda of institutions like UN, WEF and World Bank which are ABOVE nation state governments …

of course it was always and always will be this way - the highest power will always pose as a victim of its own oppression - why should they stop when it continues to work …

people still think Jews are poor little girls hiding under the floor boards like Anne Frank rather than unelected globalist tyrants like Klaus Schwab …

Shocked…I tell you…shocked!

No bicycle paths in the last picture…just less of us.
No hiding it any more.

Where’s the next image?
The one where we all live, work and play in some giant Judge Dredd building?
The one where we are encouraged to walk all 50 flights up and down?

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but without fire safety.