FapHouse ( Paid version of Xhamster ) - a warning!

so i was watching Kanye tell Gavin how if you watch porn you’re a pedophile and Gavin is like " yeah when you see a girl on meth getting ejaculated on by 20 men she’s reliving her childhood trauma " and i’m like " this reminds me of Ria Sunn on GGG ( German Goo Dolls ) video, i need to go FAP ASAP ! "

so i go to Xhamster and search for it and they only have 5 minute clips, but there is the full 30 minute video on FapHouse which is their paid site …

I previously didn’t want to get FapHouse because it doesn’t have dark mode and light mode is blinding at night when i watch porn but then i remembered i can force dark mode using Chrome Flags so i test it in their preview page and it works so i’m like OK let’s give it a shot …

it gives a few options for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and “forever” and it has like 30% off, 40% off etc for various terms …

i go for 1 month which says $6.99 and some kind of % off …

by the time i get to confirmation page it already says it’s actually $9.99 a month, and $6.99 is just the first month …

i’m like well this is sneaky but at least they’re admitting before i agree to the payment …

so my payment processes and i go to watch the video and guess what ? it’s still behind a paywall ! ! !

i’m like WUT ???

turns out the $6.99/9.99 is just for access to FapHouse site itself …

but GGG ( German Goo Dolls ) is another $35/month on top ! and they only have something like 47 videos total, out of which i might maybe be interested in 2 or 3 of them. so for every producer you would have to buy additional recurring monthly membership. you will be spending hundreds per month that way !

now they can charge whatever they want, maybe it is even worth it, but it should be clearly stated up front how much you need to pay …

instead it was like $6.99 … then 5 minutes later well actually it’s $9.99 then 5 minutes later well actually it’s another $35 on top of what you already paid …


so i wasted $6.99 which is not an issue …

however i briefly considered their lifetime membership option which was $200 …

it appeared as if you would be able to watch almost any full length porno forever for a one time payment of $200 …

imagine paying $200 only to realize mere seconds later that you can’t actually watch any of those videos you thought you were paying for ! ! !

i already feel stupid for being cheated out of $6.99 but i would have felt like a total idiot if i was cheated out of $200.

the moral of the story here is that whenever anybody is trying to sell you on a long-term commitment it is almost always some kind of a scam. it always seems like an amazing deal at the time but soon you find out it isn’t.

the reason is simple - if they didn’t know for a fact that they’re ripping you off they wouldn’t be offering you the deal in the first place.

when it comes to gyms i learned my lesson the hard way ( 3 year membership of which i used a few months ) … i have never signed up for any commitment to any gym again ( it has been 20 years ).

but of course why should it be different for anything else ? commitment is commitment is a trap. doesn’t matter if you’re buying a membership to a gym or to a porno site or anything else.

i can’t believe i considered any options other than the shortest term ( which i actually got ).

the other lesson is - never assume.

i ASSUMED i would have access to the video once i paid for the membership. but it never explicitly said anywhere that this would be the case. is what they are doing unethical ? sure. but it isn’t illegal. just as porn itself is unethical but not illegal.

i guess Kanye was right after all. you’re dealing with people who profit from sexually abusing girls who are already victims of child abuse - why the FUCK would you expect these people to be ethical ?

of course they’re going to screw you a well, in some “barely legal” fashion. and so they did.

here is the link ( NSFW ) that Xhamster provided to FapHouse page for the Ria Sunn German Goo Dolls video, you tell me if it was misleading or not:


OK maybe it wasn’t misleading. Maybe it was my fault for assuming too much.

Regardless the lesson remains:

1 - never assume.
2 - never commit.

commitment is a trap that exploits your wishful thinking. the only reason you think you’re getting a good deal is because you want to believe that you are. but if it was a good deal - nobody would offer it to you.

i can’t believe i almost fell for it.

anyway the lesson was well worth $6.99 IF i can remember it.

i pray to G_d i remember this lesson.

side note: i actually had that video from elsewhere so when FapHouse wouldn’t show it to me i just jerked off to the version i had. Actually i have two separate full length videos of Ria Sunn on German Goo Dolls. Not sure which one of the two i jerked off to but i came pretty hard so all is good. I wrote the above post AFTER masturbating.

so the above post wasn’t written out of sexual frustration but rather out of feeling of being cheated.

i had jerked off to that video before several times ( actually it may be the other of the two, they are similar but not the same ) and when Gavin started talking about 20 guys ejaculating on a girl in porn that video popped into my mind …

but i wanted to see if Xhamster had it as well, which led me to FapHouse and they seemed to have it in very good quality and at a very reasonable price …

but it was just my wishful thinking …

i know this is too much information i’m just saying my rant is motivated by feeling cheated not by having blue balls …

i will get off either way, but i don’t like getting cheated …

in fact what really made me upset is me being disappointed in myself for not being wiser …

i guess another lesson here is that your logic gets sketchy when you have a boner …

your adversary knows this and will use this fact against you:

How many times a day do you jerk off?

about 2 - 3 times on average.

my upper limit is about 5 times a day or 3 times in a row.

my lower limit is about 3 days without jerking off.

You ever tried taking a break and limiting yourself to no more than a few times a week? Too much fapping causes lethargy and depression. When you go a few days without doing it you will notice an increase in energy and motivation, which lasts as long as you keep the fapping in moderation. Treat it like alcohol: do it in moderation. Just like you shouldn’t drink every day you shouldn’t fap every day. You will feel a lot better.

fapping doesn’t cause depression - it causes procrastination.

people do things so they can get the girl so they can achieve the state … that i’m already in.

as i’m already in a state of ultimate satisfaction there is no physiological imperative to strive for anything so nothing gets done - which admittedly is a huge problem.

i am not depressed, which is to say i feel great, but i act the same way as a depressed person would - namely i don’t do anything at all.

the reason i can’t stop fapping is because if i did i would return to the hamster wheel that everybody else lives in - where they are all trying to out-work each other to get the girl - living in a constant state of humiliation because they can never fully satisfy the woman because in an open market there is always somebody else who has more to offer …

with consistent fapping i can rise above all this and let other guys knock themselves out chasing after girls only to get cheated on, stabbed in the back, cucked, used and so on …

and for what ? they will never get true love because it is something you can only get from maybe a 15 year old virgin. all the women they chase are soul-less bags of STDs. the most they can offer is an orgasm, which i get already multiple times a day.

if i stop fapping i will hand over the control of my life to women which is effectively a suicide.

generally speaking mandatory things ( like vaccines and lockdowns ) are bad for you.

and things that they want to ban ( like porn ) are good for you.

porn in fact may be the only good in this world.

i am more worried about my addiction to chocolate than my addiction to porn.

Lol I didn’t suggest that you stop fapping. I just said to restrict it to give your body a break so that you don’t overstimulate yourself and become lazy and unmotivated and depressed. BTW if you lack the will to do anything that is definitely depression creeping in; depression doesn’t mean you have to feel sad or hopeless. Too much fapping interferes with your ability to do anything whether it is sexual or not. Working out, building things, reading, writing - anything that requires creativity and will are all more difficult when you fap a lot. I am speaking from personal experience here. It’s good to relieve yourself regularly, but it’s not good to become addicted and stuck in a cycle.

i understand what you’re saying.

i represented my school in biology competition all the way back in Kiev in the early 90s. I also brushed up on Neuroscience in College in early 2000s. I have experience with drugs of all sorts, alcohol …

not to mention three decades of experience with fapping as well as somewhat less impressive experience with dating.

so i understand exactly what you’re saying.

you’re probably thinking - but Dissident doesn’t have any experience with NOT fapping …

well i have experience with NOT EATING.

a large meal after a period of hunger feels pretty much the same as sex - it’s the same pleasure / reward response from a neurotransmitter perspective.

i have never tried NOFAP but i have done starvation diets many times and i’m almost certain NOFAP would feel exactly the same.

hunger makes you alert, agitated, almost impossible to sleep …

satiety and orgasm makes you relaxed, ready to take a nap …

we are motivated by seeking reward … when we are rewarded the motivation disappears …

food and sex are both just reward …

if you’re going to give up one i suggest you give up calories. same exact effect but it’s good for your health and you will get abs.

the main difference would be that although equally alert and agitated hunger will make you think about food while nofap will make you think about women

i would rather not think about either of those things

but the benefits of hunger are innumerable

whereas the benefits of NOFAP are much more limited

unless you take a 100% principled stand that you will only obtain sex from women then it will force you to level up in life to make sure you have a reliable access to sex from women …

will you be happier in the end ? maybe …

just like believing in G_d may make you happier but i’m not about to set up an obstacle course for myself just because jumping through the hoops will probably make me happy …

Hahaha well kind of but not really. I have experienced the effects of prolonged periods of not eating and prolonged periods of not fapping.

Not eating makes you more alert and driven to a certain extent. It only lasts for a short time before you become tired and the brain fog sets in. I have been through my fair share of extreme cutting diets. They don’t feel good.

Not fapping also gives you clarity and motivation, but it lasts as long as you stay away from the addiction. The effects are very noticeable at day 2 and 3 and last for about a week and then you no longer feel like you are in an elevated state. This is also when you get spontaneous erections and can’t stop thinking about girls and sex. After that you just feel normal. Not overly tired and unmotivated, and not overly horny either. It’s a good feeling.

When you have the habit of looking at porn all the time ghe temptation to feed that compulsion and pull up porn even when you’re not horny is stronger than any sexual desire that comes and goes. You’re not overcome with constant thoughts about sex so much as you are overcome with the constant urge to feed back into that addictive cycle.

Pornography is a recent phenomenon. If we approach the issue like the Liver King, we can see that it isn’t natural and our bodies aren’t supposed to be sexually stimulated that much. For most of human history, men weren’t able to get sexual relief three times a day. They had to get women to fuck them, which has always been difficult, or they could relieve themselves by masturbating when the urges became too strong. But they weren’t masturbating three times a day without pornography. I doubt anybody is able to do that. It’s only with this very new tool that gives men unlimited sexual stimulation that they are able to bring themselves to orgasm so frequently. And based on my own experience I am saying that it is not good for a man’s well-being to do so. Life is better when you break that habit.

Like you said it’s no different than eating. I grew up as kind of a fat kid who just ate whatever I wanted and abhorred physical activity. Not unusual for kids to be this way. When I became an adult I lost the weight and ate better and started working out and doing regular physical activity. I realized that all of those things that I hated as a kid were actually very rewarding and made my life better. Cutting back on the fapping is the same. You abhor the thought of it but when you actually do it you feel so much better and realize that it’s the way to go.

i fap somewhat strategically. i like to fap twice before going to gym to resist the hoes there for example. and before bed i like to have a meal then fap and go to sleep. i also like to use the 20 minutes or so after fapping for listening to music. i agree with you that simply fapping all the time for no reason other than free pleasure is not very smart. when i drank alcohol for example i never just drank to feel good, but always strategically to be relaxed while going out for example. or when i would smoke weed it would be strategically to listen to music. and so on.

even so eventually i quit all drugs and alcohol. but i have actually started fapping more.

this is of course because it’s easier to find porn now than it was then.

i can definitely be more mindful of not over-fapping so to speak.

but fapping can be a tool just like not fapping.

you need to understand the effects of both and leverage them.

for example if you can’t sleep before a job interview it would be quite stupid not to fap if that would allow you to sleep. i understand that is an extreme example.

I joined FapHouse again today ( had to create a new account ).

was tired of SpankBang videos stopping every half a minute. and always the ones that i really wanted to watch. it was total bullshit.

i went back to FapHouse because it is the most flexible platform. it has a fairly cheap BASE membership and then there is additional content you can buy.

first time i used FapHouse i was PISSED when realized the base membership didn’t include access to the video i specifically joined to watch … but after trying other paid sites and seeing how limited their selection is at $30 / month i realized that it’s actually fair for FapHouse to only offer some BASE level of content for $10 / month, and charge significantly more for additional content.

i think even if i spend $100 / month on FapHouse it will still be a good value compared to most other options.

I find something inherently wrong w paying for porn … :slight_smile: too much free shit available and if you are at the point where you need to pay, I think it’s best to just take a break from fapping … do a 7 day fast :wink:

well that’s an interesting philosophical question - what is right and wrong with respect to dating and sex ?

i don’t believe in man made rules ( dating ) or religion ( marriage ) and if we look at nature then what is supposed to happen is the Alphas are supposed to fuck all the women while the Betas get nothing, and when Alphas get old they are killed by younger Alphas who continue to fuck all the women until they themselves are killed …

the modern day equivalent of this is guys like Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Andrew Tate and Jeffrey Epstein get all the pussy until they go to prison or are suicided … well OK they don’t HAVE to go to prison or be suicided but it does occasionally happen …

the incels get NOTHING …

the point is the idea that every man should have a woman makes no sense - it doesn’t work like that in nature or in real world and the people who ARE married most of the time aren’t having sex or having sex only because they feel like they are expected to do it …

we are told that Porn ruins men … i think it ruins women …

Men get nothing from marriage - women get EVERYTHING from marriage - and porn makes marriage impossible …

Porn doesn’t affect young Alphas who don’t need it … or Young Women who can always get a man … but it completely destroys older women who now have to die alone.

Betas of course also die alone with porn but it may be PREFERABLE to die in company of Anime waifus than in company of a real life old, stupid, fat woman.

when you buy a porn site membership you’re admitting to yourself that you’re not a young alpha and basically giving up on ever having real women again. i’m OK with that but if you want to continue testing yourself against other players that is a valid choice as well.

i think the key is to make a clean break at the right time. kind of like retiring from professional sports - it’s hard to choose the exactly right moment to do it. if you retire too soon you will forever hate yourself for throwing a part of your life away it and if you stay too long you risk embarrassing yourself.

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fair logic :slight_smile: I sorted of finally admitted to myself that my PR days are over at the gym and furthermore it seems I wont be even getting close to them anymore due to injuries and noticeable drop in strength.