i wish this wasn’t so relatable …

and even though i have moved on from that lifestyle i haven’t really replaced it with anything meaningful - just emptiness …

instead of drugs, alcohol, clubbing and getting into trouble now there is simply … nothing

Hadouken! - M.A.D.

( Official Music Video )

all my tears are fucking black

( official music video )

DayumDahlia feat. Hentai Dude - Cypher Demon

( Official Anime Music Video )

James Indigo - Van Gogh

( Official Music Video )

this “James Indigo” stuff is definitely cutting edge art.

kind of like a modern version of Lady Gaga in the form of a Gay Black Rapper.

you are well within your rights to be disgusted by this stuff.

real art should elicit strong emotions.

not necessarily positive ones.

Since you’ve gone hentai…

put my tits and ass on a mousepad - life goals !


Yes indeed… :+1:

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Elephant Heart - The Digital (The Funk Hunters & Defunk Remix)

SHIZZ LO - ICE SCREAM [Official Music Video]

Alice Longyu Gao - Rich Bitch Juice

i wish i knew what this next track is about, but it’s honestly just noise to me …

there seems to be some method to the madness but i have no idea what it is !

Alice Longyu Gao, Alice Glass - LEGEND

You like this girl…rich…bitch…juice…hmmm…
What is her deal?

it’s a stereotype that Asians are rich, which is why Blacks beat them unconscious out of jealousy.


Shiki-TMNS & PiNKII - E-Girl Bounce