Ex Machina (2014)

On one level, it’s part Frankenstein part Pinocchio…the machine outdoing the man at his own game.

But that’s not what it’s really about. The “plot holes” make sure of that:
no retina scan from door to door instead of using the key card, no Three Laws of Robotics, etc., etc.

It’s about relationships…in particular how weak men destroy great things.
The young fella confused robots with humans, and fake feelings with real feelings, and doomed himself and his boss.

He played Captain Save-a-hoe and got his just desserts.
Moral of the story: keep lessers (of any kind) in their place or…you’ll end up like Wilford in Snowpiercer.

I do like the craft of the film. It respects viewer time…no endless meandering over the landscape. Good directing.


agree with your analysis overall …

what i like about the movie is how clean it is. just one location and four characters and no pointless running, shooting and explosions for 2 hours.

this is what real life is like. real life isn’t about car chases, shoot ups and explosions but about people trapped in relationships or wishing that they were LOL

just now i also realized that the message of the movie is also that if a woman is beautiful you better make sure that she is retarded … because if she is both beautiful and intelligent you’re fucked.

i guess that’s why the elites are all fucking children. they don’t want to end up like Prince Harry, Will Smith, Johnny Depp or Caeleb. they all made the same fatal mistake - falling for a woman that is both beautiful and smarter than they are.

the other vibe i’m getting from the movie is one of inevitability of certain things, similar to what is made explicit in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” … somewhere in the middle of the movie we begin to get a sense that Caeleb is screwed and although we don’t know how exactly it will end we know that it will end badly. it is also like that in real relationships - somewhere halfway through the relationship you realize that you’re doomed and you just sort of morbidly await discovering how it ends. also life itself of course is that way too.

all Alex Garland movies are dark like this. i actually dislike how dark they are. light hearted movies can rarely be profound but IMO a movie should only be as dark as necessary to make a point, while Alex Garland is sometimes it seems dark for the sake of being dark, at least his movie “never let me go” felt that way to me. I did NOT see “28 days later” which is his most successful movie … it could potentially be an exception to his style.

the message of the movie is also that if a woman is beautiful you better make sure that she is retarded … because if she is both beautiful and intelligent you’re fucked.

True. The sex slave was perfection. But Nathan had to top himself! Idiot.

… somewhere in the middle of the movie we begin to get a sense that Caleb is screwed

Yes. His yo-yo lifestyle tells you this. Binge then discipline. Drinking then exercise. Up and Down. Down and up. But the binges get longer and the discipline gets less severe. His body is meant to show us this. All that hiking and lifting yet he looks very ordinary.

And he introduces Caleb into this mix. Too much.

Ava - from Eve “life”.
Nathan - “He gives.”
Caleb - dog

The name Caleb means Dog , and by implication Unsophisticated Servant , or a person from very low origins who aims to join the upper human classes but obviously fails to blend in seamlessly.

The film is played out in their names, all Hebrew:

(Nathan) He gives (Ava) life to a dog (Caleb).

And like a dog catching up with a car Caleb had no idea what to do with Ava. Let’s say she went with him. She would have monkey-branched to a better man.

Caleb is loyal and high-functioning but he was a simp at heart.
He should have sexed one of the other robot girls to settle his hormones.

Nathan wouldn’t let him do that.

Why do you think society is always preventing us from achieving sexual satisfaction ?

In order to effectively manipulate us they need us to be:

1 - needy
2 - apologetic

sex serves both purposes. we can never get enough and also we must constantly apologize for what little we do get.

this is why i spit at conservatives because they are 100% on board with this scam and basically all other scams as well except Masks and Trannies.

remember how in “The Lobster” the maid would come in every day and do a lap dance but if you were caught masturbating you had your hand stuck in a toaster ? this is also what Nathan did to Caeleb. it’s what society does to all of us … well, the society as it used to be, as Conservatives wish it would remain forever …

as you know my views align with those of the Elites - i can’t take the side of animals - it doesn’t matter which animal side - democrats, republicans, nazis or libertarians - they are all dogs.

they are all so dumb they make me want to vomit.

the key things to realized are:

1 - people are just tax paying animals
2 - all values, principles and so on are 100% bullshit designed to keep the masses in line
3 - by giving different groups different fake values you can make them fight each other to the death so that while they are distracted you are completely free to do whatever you want

you can make Liberals fight Conservatives or Russians fight Ukrainians - dying is what animals are born to do

sorry for going off topic. i just had to vent my hatred of conservatives and their anti-porn, anti-fapping and basically anti everything that feels good sadistic position that your life must be nothing but suffering or else you will burn in hell for all eternity.

take circumcision for example - is it really to keep your dick clean ? or to prevent you from masturbating ? somehow when we talk of ritual genital mutilation in context of girls we can admit that it’s to prevent those girls from feeling pleasure - but we can only admit this because it is done in OTHER societies. because circumcision is done in OUR society by JEWS we have to pretend that it’s to keep the dick clean.

traditional society is a sadistic scam to prevent people from being able to enjoy life. this is what Conservatives stand for. and of course Liberals stand for cutting off the entire dick and pumping you full of puberty blockers. I refuse to take a side in this. liberal and conservative activists both should be put to sleep like the dogs that they are.

Yes. Experienced this at work when younger and dumber.

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