Eva Vlaardingerbroek - Yikes!

our very own @kanyewest has a crush on https://twitter.com/EvaVlaar and i would concede she is smart, seemingly a good person and quite pretty but JFC i just heard her speak and she sounds like a fucking Tranny …


I was wondering why Elon Musk isn’t fucking her yet and that’s probably why. I wouldn’t be able to date a woman with a voice like this.

Not saying she is actually a tranny but yikes.

i feel bad for @kanyewest right now LOL

when i was watching the video with sound off i was like " what a pure and innocent angel " then i turn the sound on and like WTF is this ?

now i’m watching the same video again ( with sound off again ) and i see a bull dyke that knows how to use lighting and make up. the innocent little angel is DED.

i’m reminded of the argument i had on NOSTR with “StellaFromForest” or whatever her name was ( i muted her ) and when she asked what kind of women i find attractive i gave Rachel Corrie as an example

of course by “attractive” here i meant personality, rather than big tits. a woman that would die fighting for the defenseless to me is more attractive than a woman that would take my money to spend on her plastic surgery until i’m broke so she can monkey branch to somebody with more money and continue.

Stella pointed out that Rachel Corrie fits the profile of a HIGH TESTOSTERONE female, based on her behavior. Indeed risking your life and fighting for the weak is a high-testosterone behavior.

I also have to point out most on Fediverse consider a “tomboy” as the ideal GF.

i suppose Eva Vlaar fits into this category of High-Testosterone “tomboy” female, that fights for what is right …

i still wish she didn’t sound like a man though !

It sounds like she is actively deepening her voice. Women apparently do this to sound more authoritative.

Elizabeth Holmes, the Theranos CEO who was tauted as the next Steve Jobs but ended up being a fraud, did this to the point of sounding comical.

That being said, a slightly deep voice isn’t the worst thing in a woman. It’s a sign ot elevated testosterone, which also means a higher sex drive. I’d rather have a woman who puts out even if her voice is a little deeper than I prefer.

i didn’t know women deepening their voice was a thing.

but it makes sense since voice deepens with age for both men and women so if you want to sound mature you would deepen your voice.

yes Holmes sounds tragi-comical.

and here she sounds like a normal girl:


maybe it wasn’t her voice in the 1st video ? maybe it was translator ? her lips are slightly out of sync with the sound but i can’t tell if it’s some kind of delay or she’s speaking in another language.

anyway she is more articulate than i would have imagined ( or than i am ). for me its easy to express myself in writing, but much harder to speak because when you write you can essentially take turns thinking, typing and editing but when you speak you have to do everything in parallel and at a constant, steady rate.

basically to be a good speaker you have to be able to think one thing and speak something else at the same time because you need to prepare the next thought in advance so when you finish the first thought there is no pause as you think of what to say next. you also need to have at least 2X more to say than the actual time you have to speak otherwise if you forget some of the points you wanted to make or don’t get a chance to bring them up you will end up looking like a retard.

so overall i’m impressed. she may not be at the level of Candace Owens or Chamath Palihapitiya but definitely way above my level in terms of speaking ability.