what is Equity ?

to answer that let me ask you - what is Climate Change ? it is Global Warming right ?

when a word becomes unpopular our owners change the word, but they never change their agendas.

Equity is Communism.

simple as.

People in the West seem to want communism…if some of the Reddit posts I used to read are any indication…

Your leaders certainly want it…Schwab did say you will have nothing and like it.

young people’s generation has been raised to want communism yes

they are raised with communist values like

  • “free” “education”
  • bicycles better than cars
  • tofu better than meat

and so on …

now old people simply need to be painted as evil, greedy, out of touch, uneducated, backwards etc …

or you can simply tell Niggers that old people are racist and Niggers will kill them all Haiti style …

young white men will then wash black men’s feet and young white women suck black men’s balls and that will be Equity …

at the end of the day women will suck the balls of whoever has money and power so if you kill old white men and give their money and power to black guys then that’s who the women will be sucking off …

And the strong promotion of these to live in.

And if that one had two many lines - here’s a nice round one.

that frankly may just be viral nonsense and not a serious agenda.

here is what they really have in mind for you:

in NYC these are known as “the projects” and they are basically open air prisons for blacks on welfare.

the architecture is instantly recognizable so when you see them you turn right around and leave as quickly as you can.

they are all the same size, shape and color.

i actually lived in a similar building that wasn’t part of the projects but to be on the safe side when you see these tall, brown, X-shaped buildings clustered together with some green space to play basketball and sell drugs - walk the other way.

those ship container houses are just liberal masturbation fantasy - it isn’t anything real. just YouTube influencer shit.

we’re all going to live in “projects” like the ones in my pic.

but we won’t live very long as we will probably all get slaughtered in there by crackhead blacks.

the state will of course enforce racial diversity quotas which means you will be the only white in the building and probably get murdered or raped on the first day.

ship container homes are nonsense because they don’t want anybody living more than 2 blocks away from a bus stop. ship container homes is one of those things that are simply meant to “raise awareness of issues” and not actually to be taken literally.

you will fucking WISH you could live in a ship container home eventually !

Just some thoughts:

Ever wonder?

  • Why drugs for sex changes are promoted but HGH & TRT for recreational and athletic use are banned?

  • “End gun violence” is a thing yet no one asks what is about schools that makes students hate them so much?

  • Why is it that elite schools don’t get shot up? Why don’t we see similar crimes (knife crimes etc.) in other western countries?

Cocaine is dangerous and banned, yet Fentanyl use is promoted.
Look at this crap.

The elite want to kill you, accept it as something good, and not enjoy yourself while you’re here…it’s…man. :weary: :weary: :roll_eyes:

the first part is easy. once somebody changes their sex / gender the odds of them reproducing drop to near zero. which is the goal of course.

as for why enhancing drugs are banned ? they’re actually not. your doctor can prescribe them. my doctor wanted to put me on TRT.

they want to make sure you only use drugs through their channels. whether it is cocaine smuggled by the CIA or Fentanyl through big pharma.

also perhaps just like child sex and cancer cures they want to keep the good stuff for themselves … i mean what would be the point of being Elite if you had to live the same as the slaves ?

i don’t think students hate school so much. when i was in college i missed my high school so much i actually snuck back into my high school and went to the cafeteria just to chill there … but i was too buff to pass off as a high schooler so i got caught by security - i showed him my ID from a few years ago which showed that i was a student ( previously ) and he took me to the dean … who was my former swimming coach and i was the team captain … we laughed about it and i left.

what is really going on is FBI trains mentally ill children to commit these school shootings because dead kids are useful for passing anti-gun legislation …

Elite schools don’t get shot up because they have armed security ( as opposed to gun free zones for regular schools ) plus the FBI doesn’t train retards to shoot up Elite schools. We don’t see school shootings in other countries because they don’t have FBI.

actually as a former Cocaine user i can tell you that it is in fact pretty dangerous. but the danger is not in Cocaine itself but rather when it wears off. Vodka has much longer half life than Cocaine so what happens when you mix the two is you feel great until you run out of Cocaine then suddenly BAM you are so drunk you either crash your car or get into some other similar type of problem like getting your face bashed in …

as for Fentanyl … you would have to be completely insane to use it.

my friend used to laugh at all the Vodka ads that end with words “drink responsibly” … he pointed out that there was no such thing as drinking responsibly. after i run out of cocaine and had my face bashed in i realized the wisdom of my friend’s words …

there is no such thing as drinking half a bottle of vodka responsibly … what an absolute fantasy that after that half a bottle you will hand your car keys to a friend rather than get in some bar fight …

once the alcohol is in it’s too late to worry about consequences …

same for Heroin / Fentanyl … the idea of using Fentanyl “safely” is fucking outrageous …

in the movie “Unsane” ( 2018 ) somebody is murdered with a fentanyl injection … using fentanyl safely is like playing a russian roulette “safely” … WTF does that even mean ?

it really goes to show how fucking dumb the average person is that they fall for these things.

i used to date a heroin dealer who wanted me to do heroin with her … this is after she had done prison time for it already and was a single mother because her heroin junkie boyfriend kept stealing from her to pay for heroin and she had to kick him to the curb … and yet after all that she still wanted to do it again …

i suppose this is what they refer to as safe and responsible use …


i’m not sure they don’t want us to enjoy ourselves … rather they want us to enjoy ourselves in a passive, submissive fashion such as watching porn and playing videogames.

steroids have the opposite effect of what they want - they don’t want increased appetite and aggression - they want people turned into vegetables sipping on soylent and watching TV from their electric mobility scooter not jacked on steroids, eating 5 lbs of steak per day and skydiving or anything like that …

but i don’t think that means they actually want you to suffer. they just want you keeping a low profile. i could be wrong.

Yeah I agree these are set-ups…but you don’t see people asking questions like the ones I asked…i.e. Are schools good? Why not have armed guards?

The whole thing has become about gun legislation. But you have to outlaw the guns to have zero resistance in the suburbs to the next BLM style riot/rape/murder/steal summer of love.

You were on coke? I worked with a guy who was on it…it did not end well for him. He called it the laser, the white lady, with glowing eyes, he spoke about it like a lover…glad to see you’re okay now.

Safer addictions now? - Gym, movies? Or just older and wiser?

the entire purpose of “education” is to teach people not to think.

kids are never asked to figure anything out in school. they are conditioned only to memorize and recite things written and said by others.

even if you look at medical school - they are churning out trained monkeys - doctors don’t think - they follow their training. so does everybody else.

people don’t ask questions because they literally don’t know that it’s even possible to do so. it’s like in “Gladiator” yesterday Russel Crowe sees the Coliseum and says " i didn’t know people could build such things " …

if an average person had a conversation with me where i didn’t hold back he would be in absolute shock because they can’t comprehend that somebody might believe things other than what they were taught to believe.

when i talk to you i’m mostly open except when it comes to discussing family because my relationship with my family and your relationship with yours are so different that there is no possibility of us ever agreeing on that particular issue.

i’m pleasantly surprised at our ability to discuss other subjects though.

well gun legislation is the agenda - why would they waste their energy making it about something else ?

all problems exist because somebody wants them to exist. only people of average intelligence have problems because they can’t figure out the solutions. when we talk about Elites, CEOs etc - all the “problems” they talk about are artificial.

for example - why are cheap cars so ugly ? Toyota Camry and Lexus ES are designed in the same studio and built in the same factory on the same platform. Camry is ugly and ES is beautiful. why ?

of course they will tell you that with the extra $20,000 or so they charge for the Lexus they are able to make it nicer … but it’s actually costing them EXTRA to make the Camry ugly instead of having it look identical to the Lexus … it would be far cheaper to design the car once instead of twice. they make the Camry ugly to PUNISH YOU.

financially struggling people tell themselves that Lexus ES is just a dolled up Toyota Camry … in reality Toyota Camry is a gimped Lexus ES. it’s very hard to improve something but very easy to ruin it. people are simply too naive to understand why a company would take something great and ruin it on purpose - but that’s how the world actually works.

children try to do things well but don’t know how to. Elites know how to but instead they ruin everything on purpose. children can’t understand that because of how far removed they are from the world Elites live in.

as for BLM summer of love and suburbs … i think the suburbs are pretty safe simply due to being isolated from the hood by long stretches of poor public transit. for the average blacks to get to the suburbs is like for white people to get to the moon.

on other hand you would be wise not to find yourself on NYC subway during BLM riots or in fact at any time other than maybe the morning rush hour when white people are going to work.

i used drugs recreationally - only on weekends - and only socially ( with friends ) - no addiction.

that was my rule and where i drew the line - to me anybody drinking alone on tuesday is an alcoholic - a person drinking with friends on saturday night is a degenerate, but not alcoholic.

when i got my ass handed to me i was able to quit on the dime without any issues. haven’t had a drop in almost 15 years.

i had a drinking problem but it was not physiological addiction. it was psychological problem of being in denial about my life where i used alcohol to escape reality. but i wasn’t addicted to alcohol itself - i was just using it to take vacations from my life.

mainly just more black pill. addictions are ultimately a last ditch attempt to enjoy life. when your time frame in which you analyze your life expands to the point where the end is always in the picture everything in between no longer matters. the art of living is about looking just far enough ahead but not too far. you want to basically look forward to some great reward that will take decades of hard work and will be worth it in the end. if you are focused on the now you will never achieve anything. and if you look all the way to your eventual death you will miss the rewards in your vision as well. my problem is that i simultaneously live in the now AND look all the way to the end.

because these are the only things certain - the NOW is certain and the END is certain. the things in between are a fantasy. only people who can stay focused on the fantasy can have good lives and i am not one of them.

black pill is when the fantasy slips away. life is a fantasy - without it there is only nothingness. the fantasy slips away due to a combination of factors. we cling to it as long as we can but eventually the point comes where we just let go.

it’s not the same as being suicidal. suicidal tendencies are emotional. my black pill-ism is emotion-less. there is no point in killing myself because i’m already dead.

Well, benign neglect describes the relationship with my parents, whereas sadism describes yours.

but it’s actually costing them EXTRA to make the Camry ugly instead of having it look identical to the Lexus … it would be far cheaper to design the car once instead of twice. they make the Camry ugly to PUNISH YOU.

Making it identical would detract from the Lexus.
Making cheap cars pretty reduces the gap between the cheap and the expensive cars.
You simply start with the Lexus design, and have the juniors degrade it to a Camry. Not seeing the punishment; seeing the profit.

all problems exist because somebody wants them to exist. only people of average intelligence have problems because they can’t figure out the solutions. when we talk about Elites, CEOs etc - all the “problems” they talk about are artificial.

Small example: my wife’s female boss told people she was going to send them a report since she has all the info. The boss then told my wife “shock & horror” to get the report done.

the things in between are a fantasy.

Not for the chosen…

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