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Top G vs Greta Thunberg

the sad reality is Andrew can’t drive 33 cars at the same time and his Bugatti only emits the equivalent of about 2 or 3 regular cars in normal driving. that is he probably gets about 10 mpg in his Chiron while the average person probably gets 20 - 30 mpg in their compact crossover.

these emissions are really nothing to write home about.

on other hand when several hundred private jets descend on a global climate conference … realize that fuel is actually a significant portion of the weight of a long range aircraft similar to how the battery is significant portion of a weight of a long range electric car …

or when Elon musk’s Space X launches 60 rockets in 2022 each being essentially a skyscraper sized fuel tank …

sorry Andrew but those are amateur emissions, you will need to pump those numbers up if you want to hang with the big boys !

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