Elon Musk has 8 Kids

Elon Musk has 8 Kids

Negroes in Africa have 6 Kids

Normal light skin people have on average just over 1 Kids.

just visualize a bell curve meme where the middle of the bell curve is headed towards extinction … but both elites and subhumans are multiplying like rabbits.

there have been predictions in the past from elite-adjacent folks that humanity will split in two - and it seems to be happening

there will be a goblin slave species of squatemalans

and a species of descendants of folks like Elon Musk, British Royals, Klaus Schwab etc …

it will be like White Pharaohs and Black Slaves in Egypt all over again …

in the past races were based on geographic location - a race for Africa, a race for Amercias, a race for Europe, a race for Australia, a race for Asia etc …

of course once it became possible to circumnavigate the planet and later to fly from any point on earth to any other point this geographic concept of race was done …

in the future it is replaced with a caste system based on socioeconomic status and overall genetic quality ( tall, thin, intelligent, pale vs short, fat, dumb, dark )

will it be a continuum of castes from Alpha Plus to Epsilon Minus as in Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” ? or will it be two distinct races as in H. G. Wells’ “Time Machine” ?

perhaps it will be something in-between those scenarios. a continuum but thinner in the middle - less like a bell curve and more like an Eiffel Tower with a thin waist - a virtually nonexistent middle class.

i was reminded of Elon’s 8 kids by this news today:

Elon’s daughter will be there at the reading of the will.

in the future it is replaced with a caste system based on socioeconomic status and overall genetic quality ( tall, thin, intelligent, pale vs short, fat, dumb, dark )

Certainly the top and bottom will look and act like two different species.
Think of Dogville: Grace looked and acted differently from the residents despite being the same racially. The middle will be filled with a desperate struggle not to slip.

The continuum with no middle class seems to be the definite future.
But viable male birth control might affect the lower classes…fix it and forget it until you’re ready to have kids.
Of course, the middle class would be the first to take male birth control.

Plus, inflation eating away at benefits might dent lower class birth rate.

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since when do lower class people worry about things like feeding their kids ?

shit, even middle class parents don’t care about their kids.

the difference is lower class people see children as something that strengthens their family while middle class see children as just a burden.

True…but if there are candy flavoured male contraceptives?
Game over.

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to get people to stop having kids you need to convince them of a few things:

  • government will take care of you when you’re old
  • your kids will NOT take care of you when you’re old
  • your kids will neither love or respect you but hate and despise you
  • you will not be respected or admired for having kids but looked down upon and despised
  • your kids will have no future and will blame you for it

and on and on …

it’s not about contraception - even 60 IQ mexicans could abort their kids if they wanted to.

it’s not that they are too retarded to use condoms - they keep their kids because they like having kids.

Americans don’t have kids because American retards came up with this system where when kids hit 18 they move out of the house and you never see them again …

so why bother then ?

it will only get worse from here …

Here is something they are counting on to to cut us down

both the vax and the lockdowns directly contribute to the drop.

remember baby boomers ? why were they baby booming ? because they won the war. on other hand fertility in Germany and Japan collapsed because they lost. this is DEMORALIZATION.

lockdowns, shortages, hyperinflation - all extremely demoralizing. even without vaccines these would be enough to extinct the 1st worlders … without affecting 3rd worlders who are used to not having food etc.

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new Elon Musk kids just dropped …

so actually he had 10 kids but 1 of them died as an infant - he still has 9 …

it’s crazy he had kids with a woman that worked for him while dating Grimes who he was having kids with at the same time via a surrogate mother …

kids for me not for thee …

Damn…I wonder how many more are out there?
He’s a hard worker.

i was wondering the same thing …

i have reservations about his methods …

but i can’t argue with his results …

Fertility drugs at work with wife #1…twins…triplets…got to be drugs.

it says his kids with Grimes were with a Surrogate Mother.

indeed he has 2 kids with her but i never seen pics of her with a belly.

he could have had as many kids as he wanted this way and it seems he wanted quite a few.

if i was the richest man on earth i would have kids too. why not ?

Kids for the rich,
Kids for the poor.
Kids for the middle?
No, no more…

What is even weirder is Prince Harry and his kid Archie…
Look at this…what do you see?

His recessive red hair!! How is that possible?

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maybe he will turn into a negro when he grows up …

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Ha! :rofl: :rofl:You wish!
That kid makes me wonder if the elite have access to gene therapy…

well of course they do but why would he gene edit his son white

he could have just married a high class whore from eastern Europe like Trump …

You have a point there.
Or he did have the kid with some high class whore…and Markle faked it.

his wife isn’t even that dark … give the baby some time.