E-Tron GT Lease Deals are a steal

so now that i decided to keep the Volvo i can reveal i was offered $975 / month lease on E-Tron GT ( on a VIN with $121,000 MSRP )

that is to say i was given $37,000 off MSRP …

as it turns out this type of deal is actually pretty normal for E-Tron GT !

in fact somebody on leasehackr got the E-Tron GT for under $500 / month lease !

the thread explains how to get such a deal. i don’t think $500 is realistic but $900 / month for E-Tron GT is realistic.

that car shares platform with Bentleys and is a STEAL at that price …

the car and the deal are both equally amazing but when i started thinking about practical considerations i realized keeping the Volvo just works better for me …

i had several issues with the E-Tron …

1 - the Trunk is only about 10 cubic feet. that’s about 2/3 the size of typical sedan ( like my Volvo ) and half the size of a hatchback like Tesla Model S or Panamera.

2 - doors are frameless, which is great for style but bad for everything else. i have researched this and found that Porsche ( the E-Tron GT is basically a Porsche Taycan ) frameless windows are the least problematic ( and Tesla the most problematic ) but even so frameless windows have some inherent problems - for example they can freeze in winter and can be hard to open in case of power loss as the electric motor has to lower the glass before it can be opened without force.

3 - getting in and out of the E-Tron GT is a pain. not only is it very low but the B pillar is in an odd place. it is a legit struggle getting in and out if you’re a chonker like me.

4 - this car uses 800 Volt architecture which is not compatible with Tesla’s 400 Volt system or really any charger other than the highest end Electrify America 350KW chargers. if you use any other charger than a 350KW charger you will only get 50KW on the E-Tron GT because it has to convert 400V to 800V and maximum rate for that is 50KW …

when i considered all these things i realized that as amazing as E-Tron GT is - it isn’t better FOR ME than my Volvo … yes it looks and drives better but it is less practical …

however if you want a flashy car to impress girls the good news is you probably can afford the E-Tron GT which is counter intuitive considering $120,000 MSRP

the lease deals really are amazing and you also have plenty of room to put two girls in the back

if i was still in my 20s and still clubbing i would have leased that E-Tron GT without hesitation - a car like that can get you a lot of pussy

but since i went MGTOW over a decade ago for me the flashiness of E-Tron GT would actually be a negative. that car basically screams " i’m down to fuck " when the reality is the opposite - i do NOT want to date anybody.

i want a car that is classy and sporty but not flashy nor a rocket / race car.

the E-Tron GT simply wasn’t for me but it might be for you !