Dr Strangelove ( 1964 )

4 stars

just re-watched it in glorious 4K … i originally saw it back at the university - they made us watch it in class …

well, it’s still black and white … but now it’s bigger and high resolution-er LOL

anyway another Kubrick classic … an absurdist comedy

generally great but i had two major problems with it

1 - the whole cold war thing by now has sort of faded from memory and as such many of the jokes about it while i certainly “get” them they just aren’t as funny as they would have been 50 years ago …

2 - a lot of the shots of the bomber plane are comically fake … unintentionally

the value of the movie is mostly as a snapshot of the times - a trip down the memory lane

and also to some extent it is thought provoking … but crippled by the fact that most of the issues in it are no long relevant … i mean nobody is really worried about nuclear war anymore … well, i’m not anyway …

maybe i should be ?

some parts of the movie are clearly brilliant … others laughably bad … the brilliant parts because it’s Kubrick and the bad ones because it’s almost 60 years old …

if you can understand that and accept that you’re watching it for the brilliant parts and will have to simply ignore the bad parts then it’s great

if you just want to watch it as a regular movie rather than an art history lesson then maybe you shouldn’t bother

must watch but for movie buffs only