Do larger pixels pixels improve low light performance ? ( spoiler: no )

You fucking suckers !

Well no surprise there. Low Resolution cameras are marketed as having advantage of better low light performance but of course it’s just marketing bullshit.

Low Resolution sensors are simply DELIBERAELY CRIPPLED like all lower cost products are DELIBERATELY CRIPPLED.

this is MARKET SEGMENTATION. all manufacturers do this whether we’re talking Cameras or Cars or anything else.

but they NEVER ADMIT to deliberately crippling products and usually make up some BULLSHIT reason / excuse for what they do.

but it’s always a lie.

it’s same as how cheap cars are made ugly using “character lines” which are explained as part of the “design” but really it’s just to make the car ugly so rich people buy a more expensive model.

low-resolution sensors are exactly that. but they have to tell you that oh it’s a FEATURE, we aren’t just deliberately ruining the product because you’re broke and deserve to eat shit !

get a brain !

it’s all a scam …

It’s not just about low-light performance. Sensor technology has gotten so advanced that pixel size isn’t the limiting factor for low-light performance.

A lower resolution sensor places a lesser load on the processing in the camera. This is especially important for video capture, wherein a 1:1 capture of sensor resolution to video resolution is optimal. When you’re recording in 4k or 8k you don’t need or even want 100 megapixels. You want a camera designed for the job. Cameras with sensors with excess resolution have to use pixel binning, real-time downsampling, or cropping of the native sensor feed to produce video in lower resolutions. They don’t have processors powerful enough to record in their native resolution.

ain’t nuffin wrong with pixel binning.

same result as larger pixels minus moire.

more detailed photos.

less moire on video.