Do i regret going to college?

yes and no.

yes because out of the things i learned in college that i actually need to know i could have learned them on my own for free in a fraction of the time.

no because i would have ONLY learned the things that i actually NEED to know.

there are things that we don’t need to know yet are still neat and interesting.

to give an example from grade school - if you were learning how to do addition / subtraction, multiplication and division by hand you could have made a valid point that calculators already do all those things for you and you will literally never have to use those skills again … and you would be absolutely right. and yet, wouldn’t it be sad if you never learned those things ?

likewise in college they will teach you how to code in assembly and you will be like - but nobody codes in assembly anymore so why are we learning this ? and you would be right again. and yet again, if you never learned that, wouldn’t it be sad ?

knowing all sorts of things that you do not strictly need to know gives you perspective and makes you a richer person.

for example let’s say you are a self taught coder who never went to school. you probably aren’t very well versed in the laws of thermodynamics because you never needed to know them to code. but there are other areas of life than just work where such knowledge may be useful … or even not just the knowledge but ability to think in big-picture terms …

for example i use such big-picture thinking to analyze New World Order agenda, which is something most of you are unable to do because all you know is literally how to do your job …

you will never understand thermodynamics if you didn’t go to college because you will never be in a situation where somebody puts a gun to your head and says “you MUST learn the laws of thermodynamics” - you will simply go through life being slightly stupider than you could have been …

you will simply accept the lies you’re told on TV without being able to see the Thermodynamics-Driven big picture behind the whole “Carbon Emissions” scam because you will be a peasant that just happens to know how to code …

you might get lucky and find somebody like me who will be able to explain this big picture stuff to you but most people aren’t so lucky … most people have to figure things out on their own and if you skip all the hard concepts in your education and just go straight to “how do i pass the interview for X job” you will be missing some tools in your mental tool kit to figure certain things out …

without my knowledge of physics i never would have figured out why Klaus Schwab and WEF do what they do. and i never would have learned physics on my own, not because its hard, but because i never would have NEEDED to know it for, let’s say, some coding job.

my actual passion for physics at the time was driven by my dream of designing speakers … but i ended up actually applying that knowledge to analysis of the New World Order. the point being that it is sometimes good to be forced to learn things you think you don’t need to know, as long as these things are fundamental and universal truths ( such as physics or math ).

when i was in college i was mad because they weren’t teaching us things we needed for jobs and instead were teaching us fundamentals we didn’t really need to know. looking back though i am glad they did exactly what they did. the things you need to know for work - you will learn while working ( or by watching YouTube ). the job of college education is to teach you all of the stuff you never would have learned otherwise.

so should you go to college ? it really depends. if you don’t care about being a richer person and you’re super ambitious and just want to get ahead in life - skip college and go straight to making money - learn as you go along.

but if you’re more of a dreamer and have no intention of clawing your way up and don’t see life as a sort of a battle royale competition but more like a sight seeing tour … then you will probably be glad you went to college ( so long as you don’t get in debt in there ).

personally i just went to college to avoid going to work. i didn’t need the money and i was good at studying so i was like why not. though i resolved to NOT go for masters or PHD because i didn’t want to be a total nerd.

so yeah, sorry. the answer is “it’s complicated” - i can’t tell you either way - you have to decide for yourself whether college will be worth it for you.

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When you have insta girls and OF girls making 200K a month… shit gets complicated REAL fast :wink:


Of course that follows a power law distribution, the ones really raking in cash from it are a tiny percentage of the total number of content creators.

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