Dissident, I have a question for you

Are you a sociopath?

more like a nihilist.

what specifically made you think i’m a sociopath ?

I don’t know if you’re a sociopath. That is why I ask.

I have been watching a YouTube channel called Coffeezilla lately. It is about online frauds and scams, in the crypto space and elsewhere. The question popped up in my mind, “I wonder who I know would try to rip people off by planning a pump-and-dump scheme that rips people by selling them a worthless shitcoin?” It takes a certain level of intelligence and lack of conscience to perpetrate such an act. The latter makes one a sociopath.

I know you have the intelligence, but I’m unsure of where you stand with respect to conscience. Do you feel remorse when you wrong someone? Do you have a moral compass that tells you not to act in a harmful way even when you know you can legally get away with it?

You obviously have a disregard for what people think of you, as do I to a large extent, but this doesn’t necessarily translate into a lack of empathy or disregard for morality. I certainly don’t consider myself to be a sociopath and I try to act morally in everything I do, even if my morals are disconnected from the law and fake morals imposed upon society by Jews. I am just jaded and detached from the world.

sociopaths do not merely lack conscience

they enjoy scamming

remember this picture of SBF ?

this is called “duper’s delight”

this is why they do it.

they feel superior when they screw others over.

my father is a sadist for example - he enjoys hurting children and animals. he always laughs when other are in pain, he is distressed when others are happy and he CRIES when he realizes that he won’t be able to hurt anybody.

of course women LOVE sadists which is why my mother married him even though he is a manlet. i’m normal height though because my mother’s father was 6’6" …

me ? i feel bad when i do something that is against my own principles. but my principles have nothing to do with what other people think is right or wrong.

for example if a give a homeless person money i may feel bad about it later because it means i have allowed him or her to emotionally manipulate me and as such i have failed.

i still remember every dollar i have ever given to the homeless going back decades ago and i am still ashamed of doing those things.

on the other hand one time i was drunk and in a tight parking lot reversed into the side of a parked car and fled the scene. never felt bad about it for one second.

never really felt bad about doing anything wrong as long as it wasn’t by accident. i do feel bad when i accidentally harm people. but i think what i really feel bad about is the accidental part, not the part about doing harm. i can’t forgive myself when i make mistakes.

as for crypto scams - i’m not really smart enough for that. or at least not motivated enough. it takes energy to be a scammer. my personality is to avoid effort, and also to avoid risk.

i’m pretty much the opposite of somebody like SBF even if we’re both soul-less Jews.

If you could steal millions of dollars from poor people and get away with it would you do it? Would you feel guilty about preying upon the weak and vulnerable?

of course not. the weak and the poor were born to serve me.

i mean i eat animals.

animals are more poor and vulnerable and i’m literally stealing their lives and eating their flesh.

that doesn’t make me a sociopath though.

sociopaths use empathy to manipulate. Donald Trump and Elon Musk are sociopaths.

i’m Autistic. i could never do what they do because it is unthinkably disgusting to me.

they get into the feelings of lower life forms - this would be as disgusting to me as sucking some old man’s balls.

i don’t emotionally manipulate cows. i don’t deceive them. i just eat them.

not only that but i hope they have a good life before i eat them. that way they taste better !

that’s the difference between being a sociopath and having G_d complex.

G_d doesn’t care to read the emotions of his subjects and then try to mirror them by pretending he is one of them.

well, except Jesus, who did exactly that …

a real G_d like me doesn’t manipulate - he punishes.

people around me don’t think " he is just like me " they think " i hope he doesn’t notice me so i don’t go to hell " then when i notice them they go pale in the face …

Drumpf on the other hand … eats McDonalds on Air Force One just for the Cameras so the average poopy pants boomer bankrupt from not being able to afford Insulin will think " The Donald is a retard just like me ! That’s why he’s a billionaire and President of USA ! " …

that’s a Sociopath …

So the answer to my question is… unclear.

I don’t think you are a sociopath. A sociopath would be willing to hurt people and doesn’t care. You seem to be unwilling to engage in flagrantly immoral behavior but have a different way of justifying it. Whatever.

The word I would use to describe you is: Russian.

There is this mindset that Russians have that is about guarding one’s emotions so as to be in control. They say that they ignore the suffering of others because they don’t want to be emotionally controlled by them.

Coming from the West it is hard for me to identify with this mindset. I feel numb to human suffering because I see so much of it, but I don’t try to numb myself to it because I think it will make me stronger. One can be strong and compassionate at the same time.

I think it is a perverse part of Russian culture that has developed in response to centuries of trauma. They have been invaded so many times and edured so much tyranny and opression that they came up with a coping mechanism that allows them to live with all of that. The hell of the Soviet Union pretty much sealed the deal.

Stalin also tried to murder everyone who showed an inkling of humanity, so they may have evolved to cover it up…

I have read a lot of Russian literature and history and still don’t fully understand you people. They are sort of like Europeans but not completely.

We all need Jesus.

not sure i agree with the details but indeed Russians are different.

having been raised in Soviet / Post Soviet Ukraine and lived most of my life in USA i can compare the two …

Russians tend to be more naive when it comes to money

Americans tend to be more naive when it comes to suffering

the Average Russian never had money and doesn’t know anything about things like investing or taxes …

the Average American has never suffered and only “knows” about it from seeing it on TV …

Soviet Life was basically go to work, come home, drink vodka, beat wife and kids, go to sleep. Repeat until you die from alcoholism.

American life is work work work money money money spend spend spend, save, invest, retire, watch sportsball in adult diapers.

In school back in Kiev we had no security guards and if somebody assaulted you in the middle of the classroom nobody would stand up to you and the teacher would tell you to fight. if you didn’t want to fight the teacher would mock you by calling you a girl and continue to mock you every day in class until you beat somebody up. one time a student in our class threw another student down the stairs concussing him. he faced NO punishment from the school. it was basically like prison except with elite level math and science education.

then i come to US and go to the doctor and they ask me " are you afraid of needles ? are you afraid of blood ? " and i’m like - WTF are you talking about ??? and it’s only gotten worse since. now Americans think “misgendering” somebody is “violence” …

Russians simply have a more intimate relationship with pain than Americans do.

Yeah, but pain and suffering are not good. You don’t want to adapt to that.

That is why we all need Jesus.

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