seems like a new trend is for parents to pay based people like myself to deprogram their kids who were brainwashed in school

part of me be like - i could totally run a deprogramming class for these poor suckers

and the other part of me be like - i can’t even deprogram @kanyewest

reality is that brainwashing is sticky. it doesn’t come off easily.

it’s like trying to explain to somebody that their spouse or parents do not love them - good luck.

Deprogram me from what?

All you’re doing is preaching about conspiracy theories that I’ve already heard a million times. I’ve read Orwell ans Huxley and listened to Alex Jones and David Icke and Bill Cooper and Alan Watt and a whole bunch of other conspiracy theorists. I’ve read all the forums and boards and still do. There is a wealth of information out there and ways to interpret what’s going on in the world. Some of it comes from these channels. Some of it comes from mainstream channels of academia and sources that would be considered left wing. Nobody has the answers to everything. Conspiracy theorists are wrong about a lot of things, and their predictions rarely pan out after a few steps.

Deprogramming is about stepping out of your comfort zone and entertaining outside ideas. When you live in the right-wing world of conspiracy theories that means you have to step away from that world and entertain other ideas.

I don’t need to be deprogrammed from anything. I am openminded and truth seeking. My knowledge doesn’t come from “programming” or a desire to feel like I am better than others.

except me.

i already explained i don’t care about conspiracy theorists. i worship myself and my own intelligence and i create my own theories.

if some idiot says that Covid is caused by 5G wireless i just block them and move on with my day.

i don’t live in a right wing world. i am a Jew who grew up in Soviet Union.

i hope so.

that’s what a Muslim Suicide bomber would say if you told him that he has been brainwashed …

i’m sure it’s just a coincidence he happens to think exactly the same as every other person from Iran …

or in your case from California …