Deep Water ( 2022 )

this is objectively a 1 star movie … it’s just bad

i just watched it for and Ana De Armas ( she was amazing )

but the movie is shit. it’s improbable from the start then becomes insulting to the intelligence and finally just turns into a joke as if it was written by a 12 year old who wasn’t even trying.

can’t remember seeing a worse movie in years.

it’s garbage but not for the reasons you may expect ! it was the complete opposite of what i expected. it’s an Amazon Studios movie but aside from plugging Alexa i really don’t know why they made it. i mean it does push the whole “marriage bad, marriage scary, don’t get married” narrative but i was really expecting more degeneracy from an Amazon Studios movie …

also Affleck drives a Tesla which is weird because Bezos and Musk directly compete in their space programs.

as for acting:

Ana De Armas - 11/10 - should get an Oscar
Ben Affleck - decent
“Daughter” - SO BAD. yes the little girl they cast for the daughter is really cute but fuck man she can’t act worth a shit. the little boy in “killing of a sacred deer” was about the same age but could act.

Ana De Armas was so good that the movie honestly would have been better if she was the only character in it and there was no plot whatsoever.

but the Daughter’s acting was so bad every time she had to do something it made me snap out and remember i’m watching a dumb movie - like a commercial break would snap you out of the suspense.

of course the retards who did this movie thought the daughter is the best character.

all in all this movie is a waste of Ana De Armas’ talent.

Affleck looked really buff despite being old as shit. He’s definitely on TRT and HGH and possibly on more shit. maybe he’s getting his gear straight from Bezos ? LOL

basically in the movie Affleck’s wife is a whore but he can’t leave her because he loves her and she can’t leave him because he’s rich and they have a daughter together … the way they deal with this situation is something i can’t reveal without spoiling the movie …

Anna was great in Blade Runner 2049.
Not surprised that she’s getting more parts.

Affleck buff?
If the face is puffy, but the body is lean, TRT.
Slightly out of shape, face and body match, then mainly HGH.
And of course, there’ s other stuff he could be on like Tren or Anavar.

You’re the movie buff: has Hollywood assigned Affleck to this niche?
The good looking rich husband with wife trouble??
(Similar to how Neeson is the ageing but still dangerous asssasin).

not a movie buff just on a spree currently.

these two movies are pretty much his only movies i have seen but i seen them back to back - maybe it has more to do with how i was picking movies than how hollywood was picking his roles.

but yeah certainly hollywood has a way of casting an actor or actress for same type of roles over and over

i think it makes sense to do that. after all people watch movies to see their favorite stars and they come in with some expectations. they expect Sean Bean to die etc LOL

let me clarify what’s wrong with this movie

the sexual / ethical angle is done VERY WELL

it’s the plot that is like swiss cheese with holes you can drive a truck through

of course all movies have plot holes etc it’s just that with this one it’s over the top bad

for example in most space movies there is gravity inside the ship but no gravity outside so gravity magically disappears as they go through the airlock … we accept this simply because it would be tiresome for actors to fake zero gravity conditions for the entire movie … also in older movies everybody speaks English everywhere on earth - we accept it because it would have been unnecessarily difficult to make it realistic … or rather we used to … now movies are done in native language with subtitles.

but in “Deep Water” the plot holes go beyond what can or should be accepted / acceptable … simply because other movies set a higher standard.

it’s like if an athlete from the 1930s tried to compete in modern day Olympics - it would be laughable. we simply can’t accept that low standard anymore. we can and do accept plot holes but we have standards and “Deep Water” doesn’t meet any standard in this respect.

in “Deep Water” the makers of the film simply decided that those things do not matter - that it’s the characters and their feelings that matter. i think this was a mistake.

and the acting from the little daughter is horrendously bad - yes she’s cute and adorable as fuck but she can’t act worth a shit - she just repeats the lines, smiles and does a little dance

if you can get past that and just want a cheesy romance story then … well they should have had more nudity / sex scenes then … we do get Ana’s tits but for a movie this bad we should have gotten more … this movie is barely better than “50 Shades of Grey” ( which i didn’t see ) yet it is nowhere near as explicit … it SHOULD HAVE BEEN for what it is.

i can forgive lack of explicit sex scenes or the swiss cheese plot but not both.

the problem with this movie is that it’s on one hand very serious and on the other hand completely childish … like a head of a cat on the body of a dog or something …

like maybe my mother would like a movie of this type - stupid romantic movie with hot actors - but the problem is that the protagonist is male and the movie is from his point of view … the problem is any man sophisticated enough to relate to Afleck’s character ( who is a brilliant engineer retired because of how much money he made ) is going to see right through all the plot holes …

so who is this movie for ?

nobody as far as i can tell.

the ratings seem to reflect that.

Check whose kid she is.

this is her mother:

i see the resemblance …

this should be some kind of a meme …

That woman is someone in Hollywood?
Judging from the kid, the father is white.
Maybe he is a Hollywood player.

she is a comedian that appeared in movies.

father is white.

Okay, then. Mommy is the connection. Thanks.

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