i was still on Twitter when Elon claimed the first Cybertruck came off the assembly line …

and here we are months later and it’s coming Next Month …

more or less how Tesla Robotaxis were coming next year for the past 10 years and still not here …

that fucking guy Elon is amazing. he lies so much that even when you’re like me and know everything he says is a lie he still manages to catch you believing something he said, which of course also ends up being a lie.

you just have this stupid idea that well yeah he lies all the time but NOT EVERYTHING he says is a lie - it can’t be right ?

it can ! and it is !


it’s truly amazing.

and people still take everything he says at face value.

why are people like this ?

why do they keep believing people ( Elon ) , groups ( Jews ) and entities ( Government ) which are known to ALWAYS LIE ???

every time Elon says anything it is reported as if it was a fact. why is everybody such a worthless faggot ? why can’t anybody state the obvious that it simply doesn’t matter what Elon says and the CyberTruck will come whenever it comes IF it comes and there is zero point in asking Elon because he will just make up something “aspirational” like he always does.

it’s all so tiresome …

there are people who have been holding reservations for the cybertruck for 4 years now …


Elon knew on day one that it will be like this, but he simply told everybody that CyberTruck is almost ready to go into production because that’s what Elon does. he lies. ALL THE TIME.

i can’t even LOL.

literally what happened is something reminded me of the Cybertruck and i was like wait a minute didn’t Elon lie a few months ago and say that production has started and they had an event and everybody reported the first Cybertruck rolling off the line … how come i haven’t seen any YouTube reviews of it ? so i googled it … it’s still coming Next Month …

unbelievable …

whenever you think he can’t possibly go any lower … he always does anyway …

this is a common mistake people make - they think scumbags have a limit to how low they will go. they don’t.

my father has no limit to his depravity and sadism and Elon doesn’t have a limit to his outrageous lying.

never EVER in your motherfucking life make that mistake.

this is not a mistake you want to make.

Funny thing is around 2018/19 there was a huge group of wall st hedgefunds that were all betting against TSLA stock and all got squeezed… they had all the data, the blant outrageous bullshittery coming out of Elons mouth still I think there are big interests backing him thats why he gets away w saying anything he wants at this point including shitting on SEC w immunity.

That said I did just buy a model S plaid :slight_smile: speed is bonkers insane and looks like quality wise this one came out ok.

yeah the S Plaid is OK because it’s an evolutionary product. Tesla has been steadily improving the S for a decade.

the main problem with Tesla is they announce products when they are still just a concept and then start selling them before they have been properly tested.

with Non-Tesla cars it is considered wise to avoid 1st year of production as being potentially problematic. with Teslas it’s a good idea to avoid the first 2 or 3 years of production or even more because they are rushed to market and then slowly fixed overtime ( Silicon Valley mentality of Minimum Viable Product ).

S is Tesla’s longest running model and had a ton of issues in the early years from drive failures to infotainment screen failures and on and on but overtime this stuff was resolved.

of course with the Plaid update new issues may have been added but it seems for the most part these new issues should only manifest themselves on the race track such as not having the proper tires / brakes for tracking the car. as long as you have a round wheel and don’t do 200 mph on the track i think you should be OK.

so yeah i think out of the Tesla range the S Plaid is the right choice because the S is the most problem-free model ( due to being around the longest ) in the range and the Plaid is sort of the entire point of the Tesla.

there was a time when AutoPilot was the main selling point for Tesla due to the novelty but that has mostly been played out so to speak as most car reviewers caught up to the scam, which basically is that the car can do all these things but won’t take responsibility for its actions - and if you’re still responsible for everything, is the car then really “self” driving ?

this is why Tesla had to discount Model Y so much because with many EVs on the market and with AP losing its luster so to speak the Y couldn’t differentiate itself from the competition and the only way for them to continue to sell in volume was to lower prices …

but the Plaid acceleration is still a legit selling point / differentiating factor because all the competitors like Mercedes EQS / EQE and Porsche Taycan still demand large premiums for modest bumps in performance over the base EV model so with the Plaid, Tesla has a unique proposition in the market.

i don’t think you actually need 2.3 second 0-60 but if you can have it then why not ? LOL

i think S Plaid is a really nice car even when not considering acceleration. the S was always a good looking car but they sharpened up the look with the wider tires and i think it makes a big difference. the interior also looks slick - clean without being austere.

as for acceleration though if i could afford something this fast i’m not sure i actually would ( go for something this fast ).

yes to enjoy racing you have to win, at least some of the time. but if victory is guaranteed already before the race - is it still as much fun ?

i kind of see it like this:

200 horsepower - embarrassing. probably going to lose. even if i win it just means i was racing a total retard or somebody with a broken transmission.

400-500 horsepower - maximum fun zone. potential challenges everywhere. might win. might die.

1000 horsepower - victory is assured so there is no real point in even racing and if by some miracle i lose i would have to kill myself out of embarrassment.

driving on public roads with 1,000 hp is kind of like walking around a kindergarten in full combat gear and with a submachine gun …

it’s better than being butt naked with hands tied behind the back … but you’re not so much challenging anybody as just intimidating them …

maybe if your friend has a 911 Turbo and you specifically want to race him, then it makes sense …

but then if you beat him he won’t be friends with you anymore and then you will become friends with somebody who had a tuner put turbos on his lambo to crank it to 1,500 hp and then you have to do more coke to make more money to meet this new challenge …

my “solution” is simply not talking to anybody that way nobody can tell me that they are better than me.

but of course you are an extrovert so you have to do what works for you.

I actually just wanted to see what that acceleration feels like, its absolutely unnecessary and for most drivers should be illegal :wink: I honestly didnt even have the balls to push it fully either its too much and you can easily get something 0-60 in 3 sec range and its more than enough. Plaid S almost teleports itself though its nothign like IVe experienced and Ive driven Turbo S, V8 AMGs etc., just the instantenous availability of that power and its delivery is somethign like going from a flip phone to an iphone. Re quality yeh thats why I went for their top of the line model I was thinking at least they dont want to embarrass themselves w top of the line shit so the quality there must be slightly better from usual Tesla QC issues.

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