Contemporary Music Videos

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couldn’t make out anything she was saying or even what language it was in except the title of the track ( уёбок ) which roughly translates as “fuckhead” from Russian

i feel really old now and sad because America will never be as cool as Russia and i will never again be as dumb as those kids :frowning:

Apashe - Good News

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indeed the resistance is a fashion statement at best.

which is why i wish boomers would stop doing it.

they’re making us look bad LOL.

He has two weaker follow-up songs: Bad News and Fake News.

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Something visually interesting…

the video for this track should have been pixar style featuring pink sheep blowing bubble gum while roller skating.

this music video can’t decide whether it wants to be dark or pink.

it’s throwing off vibes that contradict each other.

the music sounds pink but the video is B&W because the artist thought that would make it stylish but it’s not the right style for what he’s doing and even aside from color everything contradicts everything else …

it reminds of this video which i think is bad:

it looks like some kind of a mess but at least everything is equally dark - both the imagery and the sound.

in fact the vibe of the video and audio matches perfectly in case of “khomus” … the problem is that the video is too “busy” …

keep these videos coming !

Another Rhone video then:

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much better.

Rammstein…We are living in Amerika

i remember showing this video ( Amerika ) to my GF around 2004 … she started crying :frowning:

here is Till’s more recent work ( NSFW LOL )

looks like he has been evolving in the same direction as me only since he’s rich and famous instead of porn he can use high class whores …


because we are in a world of shit.

C’mon! She didn’t say that!
What did she say?
What tormented her so badly?

she didn’t say anything. the reaction didn’t surprise me at all. i thought it was a completely normal reaction. i think it may have been our first date and if she had any other reaction i probably wouldn’t have messaged her again ( we met online ).

i never really dated soul-less American women. what’s the point ? i would rather masturbate.

i expect girls to be young and emotional and not corrupted by Americanism ( she was off the boat from Ukraine ) or i’m not interested.

granted she faked most of her emotions, still, an average American woman can’t even do that.

most women are frankly disgusting to talk to, which is why i don’t talk to them.

i wonder what do American women imagine they bring to the table ? why do they think anybody might want them ?

stupid, fat, shallow - all they care about is sex and money.

i’ll take porn over that anyday.

Yes!! :+1: :grinning:

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