Climate Lockdowns are Here


as i explained years ago lockdowns is what they always wanted, and Covid was just an excuse

just like they used September 11 as excuse for their lockdown practice ( TSA ) …

and just how we’re now about to get the REAL lockdown …

wake up and smell the coffee @kanyewest - i am always right and you know it.

whether Klaus Schwab has any power or is just a messenger - you are still going to get what he says you are going to get.

frankly i’m not sure what i am even doing here running this site when you can just go to WEF page and read what is going to happen

WEF predictions of the future may be slightly less accurate than mine but you will be in the ballpark

one thing i can guarantee you @kanyewest is that you’re NOT going to get more freedom, despite what city planners are telling you

bicycles etc. aren’t about freeing you from “car dependency” … they’re about shifting the blame, so that when climate lockdowns hit you will blame yourself for not embracing the superior 2-wheel mode of transportation rather than simply overthrowing the government …

“car dependency” is a bullshit phraseology similar to “holocaust denial” or “vaccine hesitancy” and so on … frankly this should be obvious.

the “cure” for “car dependency” is climate lockdowns … which is to say the way you will discover how life without cars is possible isn’t by adding more bike lanes, but by having cars banned.

it’s fucking unbelievable - they are using exactly the same methods too. as with lockdowns in Australia they would stop your car and check your papers and see if you were within 5 kilometer radius of home and now they will stop your car and check your papers and see if you have a “good reason” to be driving …

HOW FUCKING BLIND DO YOU HAVE TO BE to not see that the agenda never changes and only the excuses change ?

and what sort of cognitive dissonance is it to see that there is a clear agenda that everybody in the media and government is lying about and yet still insist that there is no conspiracy involved ?


PSYOPS change, AGENDA stays the same.

they are going to be returning us to stone age standard of living, including things like life expectancy, and people like @kanyewest will accept that even with super advanced AI technology and essentially infinite productivity for some reason we can’t have ANY of the things that Boomers took for granted …

things like cars, meat, children, heat, air conditioning and on and on - NOTHING

even motherfucking Bernie Sanders ( an actual fucking communist Jew from Washington DC ) has asked how the fuck is it that we can no longer afford things that we used to be able to ?

every year productivity gets higher and we can afford less and less and @kanyewest be like - NOPE, no conspiracy ! lockdowns are naturally occurring ! we must fight car dependency !

100% of all problems facing America right now are deliberately engineered.

real problems ended some time after WW2 when the highways were being built and Boomers were being born. all problems since then have been artificially created.

but jokes aside this is scary AF.

permanent lockdowns … this is when Alex Jones’ vision of “prison planet” finally becomes reality.

we all knew ( well not @kanyewest, but the rest of us knew ) it was going to happen, but we also hoped we were wrong

apparently not

i hope motorcycles will be exempt at least initially

probably time to get a motorcycle license

there is a middle aged manlet in my gym who uses a Harley Davidson Livewire electric motorcycle already

he was bragging how expensive it is in the locker room

i think electric motorcycles could be our last hope

i mean look at this bollard:

took out a car clean.

but a motorcycle would have easily passed.

you see my point ?

the other day saw a city planner whine about how in America you can’t get to a coffee shop without using your car.

this motherfucking faggot is more concerned about your ability to get coffee than your ability to escape a building during a fire.

reminded me of Niggers whining about how “wypipo don’t season dey food”


anyway this kind of throws a monkey wrench into my grand master plan of moving to Florida to an even more car-dependent environment than i’m already in right now …

they can climate lock down a shithole like Amsterdam and nobody will notice because they are already slaves over there - they had the training already

but if they climate lock down in Florida it could get ugly …

That’s not a climate lockdown. The whole idea of climate lockdowns is schizo nonsense that has no chance of succeeding anyway. That’s where people stay at home and businesses close like happened in 2020, right?

They are implementing a system to control traffic and congestion in that area. The traffic and pollution from cars is ruining the area. There is no way to fix the situation other than getting cars off the roads. It has nothing to do with the climate.

Calm down.

Cities ban cars in certain areas all the time. That’s what happened to Times Square in New York City. It wasn’t a part of some grand master plan to ban cars everywhere and turn people into slaves. It was just about improving a part of the city.

This is in London. They do this sort of thing all the time. Crackpots just took this story and turned it into something ridiculous.

that’s what’s going to happen, yes.

United Nations has already said we need a climate lockdown every 2 years to meet Paris goals.

these are the same idiots who invited Greta Thunberg to lecture them.

unfortunately whatever the crackpots at UN and WEF say becomes reality.

it’s a recurring “coincidence” …

i didn’t even click on the link. i don’t care what the story is. i know what the future is.

you know @kanyewest how i say that i’m always right ?

that isn’t actually true.

in my 15+ years as a conspiracy theorist there were a few times i was wrong.

you know what all of them had in common ?

i had UNDER estimated how bad things would get and how fast. i had never OVER estimated it.

reality has turned out to be MORE dystopian than my predictions on a number of occasions. it has NEVER turned out to be LESS dystopian.

more specifically ( and this is embarrassing to admit ) but at the beginning of the Covid PSYOP i briefly fell for it … and when people started protesting lockdowns i actually thought at first that they were selfish and irrational …

it was only after about 3 months or so that i realized what it was really about ( the WEF Great Reset and so on ).

at least i was always against vaccine mandates, but i wasn’t against against lockdowns at first … i knew we can afford to stay locked down for a few weeks to “flatten the curve” but when the lockdowns didn’t go away it was obvious to me that we were going to destroy the economy, and it then was obvious that it was intentional.

Trump predictably started to print money and by the time Biden came to office the chickens came home to roost and we got hyperinflation, but we called it “supply chain bottlenecks” ( which were also artificially engineered ).

Although i figured all these things out before 99% of people and made YouTube videos and spoke about it on whatever platforms i wasn’t banned from the fact of the matter is … i should have been MORE conspiratorial minded, not less.

My thinking is actually quite conservative. I don’t just assume everything a conspiracy. I wait for evidence. Usually i wait too long. In my estimate reality is roughly TWICE as conspiratorial and dystopian as my descriptions / predictions … or rather i probably wait for 2X to 4X as much evidence as is really necessary to call something …

Basically i like to play it safe because i don’t want people to think i’m crazy. For the most part i only begin to talk about things when they are already pretty much completely obvious.

Works for me - yes i could be a bit quicker / more aggressive but i would rather be late than wrong - when it comes to teaching people anyway.

When it comes to investing being late is an unforgivable sin. I don’t actually invest / trade but i know that if i did i would be mostly hampered by being too cautious and too slow. It is my character flaw to over-analyze and play things extra safe. some of my friends have made fun of me for that.

You think i am too eager to jump at the latest conspiracy bandwagon and come up with the latest hot take - actually i am the opposite.

the problem is you have that same personality flaw but yours is SO MUCH WORSE THAN MINE that from your perspective you see me as the opposite of what i actually am …

think of it this way - let’s say we run a 100M dash and a good reaction time is 0.18 second but my reaction time is way too slow at 0.25 second … but your reaction time is 5 minutes. which means by the time you react to the start of the race everybody has gone home already and you stand alone and complain about how we all cheated and should be disqualified for false start …

listening to you “explain” how everything is exactly the way we are told is truly mind numbing. i do it because bad content is better for my site than no content but i honestly feel sorry for @marlon and @Alkiphron having to endure it. they have nothing to gain from having to suffer through you essentially just repeating UN / WEF talking points every day about how our globalist owners really care about us and how everything they take from us is for our own good …

i honestly hope for your sake that you are a FED ( my FBI agent ) and just pretending to believe all that Globalist bullshit because they’re paying you. because if you actually believe what you say and spouting their propaganda for them for free it is honestly sad.

I knew COVID was a hoax from the very beginning. It was obvious. All you had to do was go outside and observe what was going on in the world to see what was going on in the world, namely nothing. Looking into the numbers, how cases and deaths were being counted, how the Jewish media covered the event, uncovered a web of lies and corruption. The whole thing was completely fake from the very beginning.

Almost everyone I know ignored what I had to say about the issue and panicked. They supported the lockdowns, wore the mask, and despite my best efforts to convince them otherwise, took the jab. Most of them, after years of their hysterical delusions not lining up with observable reality, finally stopped caring about this retarded nonsense. I don’t get any credit for being right the whole time though.

The COVID insanity was a mixture of mass hysteria and government corruption brought on with the influence of the WEF. To what extent it was mass hysteria involving both the public and the government and what extent it was a conspiracy I am still undecided. Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates were 100% a part of what happened with COVID. I do not deny that. But government officials were being just as retarded as everyone else, so I don’t want to say that they knew it was fake and they were just playing a part.

Anyway, as successful as Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and their pedophile buddies were with COVID, they don’t control the world and their credibility is tanking. They wouldn’t be able to pull it off again tomorrow.

What made COVID lockdowns possible was the mass hysteria of people afraid of dying and getting sick from a deadly virus. Despite the best efforts of pedophile elites, people don’t give a shit about climate nonsense and probably never will. It’s too abstract and far-out to generate the kind of reaction that a virus does. Without the emotions of the people lining up with a climate lockdown, it would never be possible to enforce such a thing.

The Twitter post is fake news nonsense. Like I said, it has nothing to do with climate, let alone climate lockdowns. It’s just an attempt to address the traffic and pollution problem in a very old part of London that isn’t fit for heavy car traffic. There is no better way to address the issue.

“Climate Change” is way more tangible than “Holocaust” so if “Holocaust” was somehow enough to get people to bend to the will of the Jews why won’t “Climate Change” make them bend to the will of the Globalists ?

Do we have holocaust lockdowns? I never hear people talk about the holocaust in real life. The only people who talk about the holocaust are the people who bring it up to say that it’s fake, and occasionally Jews who talk about it to milk sympathy and get people to support Israel.

i never hear people talk about “Climate Change” either and yet our policy is entirely driven by it.

why do you think i drive a Plug-In hybrid ? do you think i wanted to save the planet ? No it’s because it’s subsidized by YOUR taxes !

Policy is driven by climate change nonsense in liberal parts of the country. Or at least it purports to address climate change. In reality most of the measures taken are symbolic measures to try to appease voters and lobbyists while also making sure that people’s lives aren’t disrupted and nobody has to step out of his or her comfort zone. They get stupid shit like electric cars that don’t do anything but make people feel better about themselves while their livestyles continue to pollute just as much as before.

We haven’t gotten any Greta Thunberg policies that would actually make a dent in carbon emissions. The Green New Deal was proposed but got laughed out of congress.

More importantly though, when you say that we get policies that are based on climate change nonsense, how do we get policies that do that? Does everyone in government get a call from the WEF telling them what to do? Or do people vote for this stuff because they have been propogandized and politicians get lobbied to do it by interest groups?

I have learned that power in today’s world, in addition to being complex and decentralized, is very boring and not excting enough to discuss the way conspiracy theorists like to talk about it. Yes, there are powerful people trying to push things in a certain direction, but there are also powerful people trying to push things in a different direction, and there is a lot of resistance to change beneath all of that.

Maybe there will be climate lockdowns like the UN wants, but it won’t happen tomorrow and there will have to be a lot of pieces set in place before it can. Right now it’s not looking good for climate lockdowns.

neither !

we don’t have direct democracy which means people don’t actually vote on ANYTHING at all. you only vote for politicians, who in turn pass laws.

however the politicians DO NOT READ the laws they pass. that is a well known fact nobody tries to deny. in fact many of the laws are so long they can’t be read even if you wanted to read them.

here is the omnibus bill that was recently passed:

it is so large Rand Paul needed a wheeled cart for it.

do you really think Alexandria Ocasio Cortes read that bill ?

these bills are written directly by WEF people and politicians simply vote for them.

they are told how to vote by their handlers - just like Kanye West explained. when you get to a certain level you get HANDLERS. they tell you what to do and you just do it.

that’s it ! not rocket science.

keep in mind they can always change the branding just like they changed “Global Warming” to “Climate Change” or how they changed “Hyperinflation” to “Supply Chain Bottlenecks” and so on …

Klaus Schwab recently warned of a Cyberattack that will make Covid crisis look like Disneyland …

the “Climate Lockdowns” may come under a guise of a cyberattack …

we already recently had a “cyberattack” on Colonial Pipeline which caused gas stations to run out of gas for example - what is that if not a “Climate Lockdown” ? It lasted quite a while and the official story was that the hackers were eventually paid ransom using Crypto before oil flow could be restored …

now what if the next time the “hackers” ask for a bigger ransom ? or what if they don’t ask for a ransom at all and instead it is a “terrorist” cyberattack ? and you are simply told that there is nothing that can be done …

it doesn’t matter how absurd the narrative will be, the media will go along with it as they ALWAYS do, because they literally read news off a teleprompter and get the script from WEF partners like Reuters …

i didn’t even need to check if Reuters was WEF partner by the way - but i checked and yes, they are.

so the media will go along with any lie no matter how laughable, most people will go along with the media and the few who don’t will be labeled " right wing, white supremacist, conspiracy theorists " …

this will shut most people up as nobody will want to be seen as racist for suggesting the cyberattack was an inside job … that’s how politics works now - accept the narrative of you’re a Nazi and congratulations - you just got fired from your job.

Covid Lockdowns were already a Climate Lockdown - and the next Climate Lockdown may be called something else - we don’t know what it will be called yet.

as i said pretexts / excuses change but Agenda stays the same.