Classic must watch movies of any genre

a movie about how everything you see on TV is completely fake and produced by Hollywood

Wall-E is just a great all around animated film for both kids and adults

an absolute classic

a must watch romantic comedy that’s not about being funny at all

do not watch this movie with your parents LOL

a movie about drug traffic across the border with Mexico

Sicario is excellent. Villeneuve was on a tight leash and delivered. Got let off the leash and gave us Blade Runner 2049.

Also shows that if the US really wanted to stop illegal immigration or the drug war, it could.

But it is more profitable to control them so things are as they are.

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Wall-E is a movie that is truly for all ages.
I haven’t seen any good animated films lately.

Yet to see American Psycho or Wag the Dog.

Eternal Sunshine: trapped in a relationship then getting out then trapped again and getting out then…loved it. We have to absorb the lessons pain teaches.

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Movies I’m going to watch based on Movielens:

You mentioned American Psycho and Soylent Green so I’m going to give those a look see.

Movielens is going all Korean on you.

I like Korean movies but maybe not as much as your Movielens profile does :slight_smile:

American Psycho is similar to Fight Club. Soylent Green similar to Aniara. Wag the dog similar to They Live.

Here are some Korean films I’ve enjoyed.
Let’s just say its about how far a mother will go for her son.

Great gangster film

American adaptation won Scorcese best director but the original is better.

OK then MovieLens is working properly LOL