China may have enough empty homes for 10 times US population

source: China May Have Enough Empty Homes for Close to 10 Times US' Population.

Meanwhile Urbanists in America say the only way we in America will ever have enough housing is if we get rid of all the roads and cars.

don’t ask me to explain Urbanist logic i am not @kanyewest

Ghost cities in China have nothing to do with urban design. The buildings lack basic components like plumbing and are built so cheaply that they disintegrate after a few years.

The Chinese built all of this stuff because they blew up a giant real estate bubble whose growth became the foundation of their economic “miracle.” Build a bunch of worthless junk and watch your GDP increase. It’s beyond idiotic but that’s China for you.

IDK why you keep strawmanning me and my positions with respect to city planning and urban design, but as I have said I simply won’t talk about it anymore. You won’t engage in good faith and have no arguments that don’t involve misrepresenting everything I have to say and turning me into some kind of caricature of a WEF-brainwashed libtard.

the point is simple and Noam Chomsky explained it well, namely “whenever the people in power say something is impossible it means they are opposed to it”

whether they say it’s impossible to solve the housing crisis without getting rid of cars ( because they have taken up all the space ! ) or whether they say it is impossible to solve traffic ( because more lanes only causes more traffic ! ! ! ) or whether they say it’s impossible to secure the border ( they never even tried to explain that one ) it’s always the same lie - they simply don’t want those issues solved.

case in point - China easily solved an issue that never existed - housing for billions of people that don’t exist.

if we wanted to we could similarly build roads and parking for 10 times as many cars as there are actually in the country. but we don’t wan to. so we say it’s impossible.

that’s the scam.

they dismantle parts of border wall that was already built and then say we don’t have enough money to build the wall ( which would cost 5% as much as Biden just spent two days ago ). then they dismantle existing roads and put concrete blocks in the middle of remaining roads and say “there is nothing we can do about traffic” …

some of you ( without naming any names ! ) used to lap all of this up :wink:

it’s all one giant WEF scam, as you by now have figured out …

i’m glad you’re getting better.