Carnivore Diet and Vitamin C

i just received my kilogram of pure Vitamin C powder for the THIRD time from Amazon …

2.2 pounds of pure Vitamin C ( Ascorbic Acid ) powder for $17

that’s about $8 per pound

retard carnivores will pay $25 per pound of ribeye steak that contains ZERO vitamin C and will then claim that Zero is ENOUGH vitamin C because reasons …

well what are their reasons ?

the answer is you shouldn’t even care what BS they come up with to rationalize it. when i was a raw vegan these people were telling pregnant women to go on 30 day juice fasts - what was their logic for doing so ? who cares ! ! !

these people are all retarded cultists. it simply doesn’t matter what they say.

the fact is pure Vitamin C is virtually FREE because you get 5 years worth of Vitamin C for less than 20 bucks by ordering bulk from Amazon. if your diet consists primarily of steak which contains ZERO vitamin C and you aren’t supplementing YOU ARE A RETARD and there are no two ways around it.

no diet cultists ever admit that you should supplement on their diet because their diet ( whatever it is ) is always perfect. this is the definition of a cult. to admit to supplementing is to admit that the ideology isn’t perfect - and no ideology will ever admit to reality - then it wouldn’t be an ideology or a cult !

because once you realize that you have to supplement with Vitamin C on a carnivore diet then you will begin to ask more questions and it’s a slippery slope to where eventually you won’t be on he carnivore diet anymore. cultists understand that and therefore will proudly declare that they do NOT supplement.

even though it costs NOTHING and not doing it will ruin you.

they don’t give a fuck.

they don’t give a fuck about you.

it’s about them feeling important and superior and belonging to a clique and occupying a high ranking position within the cult.

the way you climb through the ranks of any cult is by demonstrating that your position is more extreme than those of other cultists who are merely beginners.

cults have mechanisms for ejecting anybody who dissents or tries to use common sense.

but ! but !

no buts ! YOU ARE A FUCKING RETARD ! ! !

if you are part of a group you are part of a cult - the end.

there is no such thing as a group which isn’t a cult.

either you are alone like me or you are a retard cultist.

no two ways around it.

as Mark Twain said “when you find yourself on the side of the majority it’s time to pause and reflect” …

Mark Twain was a genius like me … he was spot on about many things.

You do not ask cultists what their reasoning is - you spit in their fucking face !

there is an almost 100% chance that the leader of a cult doesn’t follow their own teachings because to be a leader they have to have the most extreme interpretation of the doctrine which in a case of a diet would almost surely kill them …

vegan influencers get caught eating meat, fish and eggs all the time … but that’s because somebody takes a pic of them in a restaurant. nobody takes Vitamin C in a restaurant so don’t hold your breath for any Carnivores getting caught supplementing.

sometimes you just have to use your fucking brain.


i have two freezers full of organic grass fed beef that doesn’t mean i have to believe any of the shit carnivore cultists come up with. eating meat is common sense - you don’t need to join diet cults to use your common sense. supplementing with vitamin C on a meat based diet is also common sense. following diet cults is suicide.


Interesting…will mull on this some more.

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