Car Brand Tier List

decided to do a brand tier list for cars …

this list reflects only my attitude towards the badge itself. it doesn’t mean that every car with that badge has that level. obviously there are some standout cars in every brand. for example:

Nissan GTR is obviously not your average Nissan
Chevy Corvette is nor your average Chevy

i will also exclude exotic brands like Ferrari from the list.

that said, here is the list:

A++: Porsche ( unmatched combination of quality, reliability, performance and resale value )

A+: BMW, Mercedes ( style, luxury, prestige, performance - these cars are mostly complete except for reliability, service costs and resale value issues - but watch out for surprisingly poor ergonomics in Mercedes )

A: Lexus, Audi, Polestar, Lucid, Rivian ( these cars are all a step behind the A+ tier, for example Lexus and Audi are behind in driving dynamics while Lucid, Rivian and Polestar are all startups and don’t have the track record / reputation )

A- : Tesla, Cadillac ( these cars are fast and / or big but not known for the best quality )

B+: Volvo, Genesis, Lincoln ( premium but not special and not true luxury or performance )

B: Toyota, Honda, Acura, Infinity, Jeep, Ram, Ford, Mazda ( even less special. Toyota and Honda are here for their quality / reliability reputation )

C: Chevy, Hyundai, Kia ( you get these for your kids assuming you like your kids )

C-: Subaru, Nissan ( you get these for your wife because that fat cunt doesn’t deserve any better )

brands that i don’t feel comfortable placing in any category because i was never interested enough in them and don’t know much about them: Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati, Alpha Romeo, Mitsubishi, Fiat. i would generally recommend to stay away from all of them but i can’t place them in the list.

I’d have more respect for Porsche if their design language wasn’t so flamboyant and I didn’t see them everywhere. I thought Porsche’s looked cool as a kid. Now I am tired of looking at them. I prefer something elegant and understated like Mercedes.

if you want elegant you need to get Audi.

Mercedes styling is 50% Nigger with Gold Teeth 50% Flaming Faggot, well on the interiors anyway.

Porsche styling is actually the best, but it is certainly distinctive and not for everyone. Audi styling is more nondescript if you want to just blend in.

to summarize on STYLING ONLY:

Porsche - top notch styling, but also very Porsche like which you either love or hate, a lot of swoopy shapes

BMW - quite good styling but also very polarizing, can seem shockingly ugly at first glance, triangles everywhere

Mercedes - exteriors look close to perfect ( except on entry level models and EVs ), but interiors are incongruous to the point of hideousness

Audi - looks clean inside and out but can be a bit boring

Lexus - Exteriors look OK. Interiors also OK. menu graphics mostly just straight from Toyota but with slightly fancier colors. you get Lexus for Reliability not anything else.

what you need to understand is Audi and Porsche are basically both competing against BMW and Mercedes but whereas BMW and Mercedes are on the same level Porsche is above Audi in VolksWagen Group Line up

so Audi will always be slightly below BMW and Mercedes and Porsche will always be slightly above

if you want to send a message that only the best will do for you then you get a Porsche because it is just slightly above BMW and Mercedes

VolksWagen really has a portfolio of brands like nobody else in the industry … as well they should - they are basically tied with Toyota for world’s largest automaker

Bugatti, Bentley, Lambo, Porsche and Audi are all VolksWagen Group brands - they have something for everybody. it’s amazing.

Bugatti is getting merged with Rimac but i’m not sure on what terms …

It would be fun to get a Porsche 911 and drive it on the weekends and stuff. It would be great for road trips. I would never get a car like that as my daily driver when I can expect to sit in traffic most of my time. In that case I would want something cheap, reliable, and comfortable like a Ford or Toyota.

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