Breaking The Waves ( 1996 ) ( R )

5 stars

this is a long, slow, boring movie with simply horrible picture quality

it’s pretty much the definition of an “indie” film …

the entire movie i kept wondering what the fuck is the point of all this ? it just seemed like the camera was following the lives of some people but i had this sense of dread that this isn’t going anywhere …

then the movie ends, the message suddenly becomes clear and i cry like a bitch ( yes Russians are human too ).

i must note i saw this movie before - we were forced to watch it at the University about 20 years ago …

but at the time it was too boring for me to follow and as a result i didn’t remember it at all … quite possibly i slept in class that day … i know i saw it before but it felt like watching it for the first time.

have to give credit to our ( female ) Professor who made us watch it - that was a solid effort on her part to take us out of our comfort zone … of course it failed miserably.

what is it about ? morality, religion, sexual deviance, prostitution, cruelty, sadism, stupidity, mental illness, family, community, hardship and sacrifice.

the movie is moderately subversive by the standards of 1996 ( otherwise why would they make us watch it at school around 2002 or so ) but by modern standards it’s almost conservative …

who should watch it ? people who enjoy indie films.

after watching this movie i’m not sure i want to go back to GAB … i just don’t know if can continue to deal with retarded animals. even though i obviously knew they were retards but in a sort of emotionally detached kind of way while the movie forces you to face their retardation on an emotional level and you realize you just don’t want to talk to them anymore. what seemed edgy before now just seems disgusting.

this is a problem because it’s not like i have anything else to do with my life than sit on GAB.

but also i like to keep moving forward. maybe it’s time to leave GAB behind.

as i said before i can only spend so much time with every cult. nazis / conservatives are a cult same as communists / progressives.

Pagans are slightly better than Christians just as Libertarians are slightly better than Republicans …

but ultimately my intelligence is simply too high to be a part of any kind of collective … groups are inherently for people of close to average intelligence … geniuses like me must always be alone.

there is simply no reason to form your ideas collectively unless your own brain is insufficient.

my own brain is simply more functional than all of the brains on GAB combined.