Brand New Releases of Any Genre

OMNIMAR - Out Of My Life ( ZARDONIC Remix )

( Industrial Metal )

Billx & Otyken - My Wing ( Rave Music Edit )

( Psytrance )

Recue - Tensegrity

actually had to turn the bass down for this one LOL

Shiki-TMNS & HD - H Trappin

this brand new 3 days old Music Video goes out to our hardest working poster @marlon who introduced me to Apashe

Apashe - Gasoline (ft. Raga)

i think Apashe understands what music is about.

LOL WTF is this ?

Apashe - Revenge Of The Orchestra (ft. Magugu)

2 months old but i will pretend that’s recent …

ODDKO - Kitty Girl (Nitroverts Remix) [Official Music Video]

Flux Pavilion x PAV4N - Heavy Metal [Official Music Video]

even though the track is 1 year old the video is new so i count it as new LOL

for all the emptiness - sell the sins - official music video