Books everyone should read?

i don’t read books for mostly same reason why i don’t watch documentaries - they are brainwashing tools.

but some books are so important that if you haven’t read them you are not a complete person.

i am still not going to read them but let’s have a list of books that make you less complete as a person if you haven’t read them.

i will start.

  • The Bible / Torah / Koran ( for better or worse these texts control how world events unfold )

Talmud is impossible to read ( correct me if i’m wrong ) because it’s like 70 volumes … you need to be literally a Rabbi to read that shit …

  • The Communist Manifesto ( short and sweet, absolute classic )

  • Mein Kampf ( again, for better or worse Hitler changed world history and that was his ideology )

  • Art of War ( life is a conflict / war / game - same strategies / principles still apply )

Robert Greene’s Books are incredibly insightful but i wouldn’t say that anybody is a lesser person for not reading them. Greene’s Books are things you should figure out on your own but life is a short and Greene will get you there faster. On other hand stuff like The Bible isn’t something you can “figure out” because it makes no sense - which is why you MUST read it.

other well known books everyone should read:

  • 1984 / Animal Farm

  • Brave New World

what else ?