i feel really clever teaching people things i understand

then i watch this:

and feel like an idiot.

for some of these you have to watch them in reverse to see how it works …

either way i hate this.

what’s even more aggravating is that part of my mind has already figured out how it works but the other part still doesn’t understand it.


we can make an analogy to artificial consciousness here.

some of you like @kanyewest think it’s impossible and will never happen and my guess is @marlon simply doesn’t want to think about it.

but that cable also looked impossible to get out of there … and yet the fact that it somehow got there in the first place should have told us that it can come out the same exact way so long as we can figure out how it got in there.

artificial consciousness is the same way. if somebody did it before it means we can do it again. should we do it ? will we do it ? that’s another question.

but i find it hard to believe that we will resist the temptation and if we keep trying eventually i think it will happen. just like if you were given that cable problem you would solve it eventually so long as you believed that it is solvable in the first place and kept trying.

What is artificial consciousness? It sounds like an oxymoron. Artificial intelligence is something that seems intelligent (but isn’t). Artificial conscious would then be something that seems conscious. What does it mean for something to seem conscious? Consciousness is something we experience on a subjective level. There is no way to tell that something in objective reality is conscious. It doesn’t make sense.

Once again it goes back to this misunderstanding that a computer program that is artificially intelligent is somehow intelligent if the artificiality of that artificial intelligence is sufficiently sophisticated. This is not what it means for it to be artificially intelligent. No matter how complex the program nor how many people it fools it is not intelligent. If it appears to be conscious, whatever that means, that just means it has been programmed in such a way as to fool people that it is so, not that it is actually so.

It is not out of the question that in the future someone could create a machine that is actually intelligent and thinks the way (some) humans are able to think. Maybe such a machine would be conscious as well.

Research into artificial intelligence using the methods currently available (deep learning, neural nets, etc.) will not lead us there.

Real intelligence is fundamentally different than artificial intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence means something that is intelligent that was engineered to be such.

maybe it should have been called Engineered Intelligence but we’re going to stick with the accepted terminology.

It’s like saying that the more successfully NASA is able to pull off a moon landing hoax and make it look like people actually went to the moon that the closer they are to actually landing on the moon. If the hoax is good enough then we will have actually gone to the moon.

Artificial intelligence is just a hoax. A good hoax doesn’t make something real.

there are different kinds of real intelligence and different kinds of artificial intelligence.

the current version of AI seems to be more like intelligence of a whale than that of a human. it is powerful but not useful.

human intelligence is geared towards problem solving. AI currently is geared towards pattern recognition.

Artificial intelligence as defined by Turing and as it is engineered today is exactly as I described. It is a computer program that appears to be intelligent.

yes Chat GPT is fake intelligence. it isn’t trying to think - it is only an exercise in fooling people into believing that it does.

but Tesla Self Driving software really drives. it isn’t trying to convince somebody that it is landing on the moon - it is actually landing on the moon.

is Tesla FSD a good driver ? no it is a bad driver. but it isn’t a fake driver. it drives the same way we do - by looking at the road and recognizing the objects on it.

can it look at a car in front of itself and think " man, what an ugly color " - no it can’t. can it look at a car in front of itself and think " this guy is having a midlife crisis " - no it can’t. it probably can’t even recognize the driver of the car in front of it is drunk or texting. but it really drives, it isn’t pretending to drive.

Chat GPT is just an experiment. it isn’t designed to create literary works of value. it is perhaps a test for language models. it could eventually be turned into something useful like a phone support agent where instead of just listening to a pre-recorded message saying " go to our website " you will be able to get the same information as you would on the website by talking to the AI agent.

your problem is you somehow equate AI with Turing and Chat GPT.

that’s like saying that Trump is a Nazi because a bunch of Nazis voted for him.

Artificial consciousness is not something I really dwell on.
Consciousness is a process going on in the brain that the neurons and dendrites mediate.
Even a very “simple” brain such as that of a spider is extraordinarily complex, far far more complex than anything we have developed.

But artificial consciousness is not desirable either.
Who wants that?
Artificial Intelligence is desirable.
And it is improving.
It provides greater control.

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