BIG NEWS: Ethereum Ends Mining

this is a huge deal. by moving to “proof of stake” Ethereum has cut the energy use of their ecosystem by a factor of more than 1,000 …

this is after years of Crypto Bros sticking their head in the sand and trying to act like energy use of mining operations can be somehow justified …

most notably the Greenwashing Hero that is Elon Musk had thrown his weight behind Dogecoin which used the old mining technology and then tried to weasel his way out of admitting that it is horrible for the environment - pathetic and disgusting !

Vitalik is the man. I used to follow him on Twitter and i could tell he is a really bright guy, but it’s still impressive he actually went through with this.

Proof of Stake for Crypto is about as close as we are going to get to Cold Fusion anytime soon.

He honestly deserves a Nobel Prize in economics for this.

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Seems they’ll just run to Bitcoin to mine their money there.
And of course dedicate themselves to finding some weakness in Ethereum’s system to justify mining.

yes that is the question.

if proof of stake works it renders older cryptos like bitcoin obsolete.

i’m not a crypto expert but those older systems may be doomed regardless because if their systems are indeed secured by miners and miners go bust then the entire system goes down.

what bothers me the most though is that there is no discussion on GAB of this or anything else except Jews, Blacks, Pedos, Trannies, Homesteading and Lifting Weights.

and even when it comes to Lifting Weights the entire discussion is simply “do it or you’re a FAG” rather than discussion of any sort of methods of how to do it best and so on …

i been lifting for 30 years i don’t need anybody to tell me to do it - i would like to have some discussion on how to BEST do it - but you won’t find it on GAB.

you won’t find anything intelligent on GAB.

except maybe Thuletide’s articles which are also unreadable.