Ben Shapiro is a more disgusting rat than i imagined

my father is also a midget Jew Rat like Ben Shapiro and the similarity is striking

my father killed my sister and Ben Shapiro is celebrating the murder of a young ( American Citizen ) woman who stood in front of Israeli Bulldozer as it razed a Palestinian home

what’s more is my mother loves both my father and Ben Shapiro

i honestly don’t want to understand people anymore

the vast majority of people are either evil or stupid

and they work together to kill those who are not

i’m reminded of how when i was trashing “Wrath of Gnon” on Twitter his lemming followers meekly tried to come to his defense by saying " no he is a good guy - he is against corruption ! "

and i thought to myself - how can these people be so stupid ? do they really think anybody would come out and openly say that " i am in favor of corruption ! " ?

and here we have Shapiro openly saying he is in favor of sadistically murdering young women for the crime of trying to prevent the Army from bulldozing family homes …

i unironically can’t even anymore.

Propaganda & Co has replied to Shapiro’s tweet less than an hour ago and his reply already has 6 times more likes than Shapiro’s original tweet … which has been up for THIRTEEN YEARS.

never the less Shapiro is not deleting his tweet … why ?