Andy Boenau Twitter Account

you know the drill, when Andy:

posts dumb shit ( which is all the time ) i will ridicule it here.

assuming he doesn’t block me of course.

let’s start with this one:

so much to unpack here ! this is an absolute layer cake of retard !

so the original image that Andy has quoted in his tweet is basically suggesting that 125 feet is too far for the Squatemalan Goblin:

to walk before it gets run over because it’s too slow:

First of all when City Planners explain the suffering of pedestrians they never use white men, since as we all know white men aren’t human, only Woman, Non-White and LGBT lives actually matter. Andy must have been really proud to find an illustration using a bona-fide Goblin here … which is probably not even in the country legally, which of course adds to its intersectionality as good shit-libs must always prioritize illegal aliens over citizens …

anyway …

Note how it says “125 feet curb to curb” yet conveniently ignores the fact that there is space in the middle of the road:

specifically designed for Goblina to take a break if she’s too slow to cross the street in one go on the green light. So she only needs to make it 60 feet, not 125 feet while the light is green. In other words the original image is already lying …

But Andy has to add more BS of his own, so he says

As opposed to a roundabout, where a pedestrian would cross 15 feet (1 lane of car traffic), be protected in a little island, then cross 15 feet (1 more lane) and be done.

Stop telling me roundabouts take up more space.

This fucking buffoon is literally saying that roundabouts don’t take up more space because you can put a SINGLE LANE roundabout in the same physical space as FOUR LANE ( eight lane total ) intersection …

now, i only have 140 IQ so maybe that’s why i don’t understand how you can replace a 4 lane road with a 1 lane road, but then again that’s why i’m not a city planner.

i have to imagine just like Cops and Teachers there is an IQ limit for city planners, perhaps something like 120 max. if you score higher you can’t have the job because these jobs are expressly for dumb animals who are unable to question orders from the top.

a soldier that is smarter than the general is a bad soldier basically. a soldier’s job is to die, not think. a city planner’s job is to implement WEF policies not question them.

some retard may point out that in the picture the road is empty so it can be replaced with a single lane … and the same exact retard will post the following elsewhere:

in other words 1 lane is enough, but 3 lanes are not enough. get it ? me neither. only “special” people can understand modern city planning.

you know what else is funny ? Andy is using a Squatemalan Goblin ( that is literally the same shape as the trash can it is standing next to ) to illustrate the fact that walking 60 feet is hard …

but if he needs to show the benefits of Cycling he will most likely use a picture of fit people cycling in Amsterdam, like this one:

So which is it Andy? Are pedestrians / cyclists slow and fat or fit and fast ?

Well of course with city planners it changes by the minute depending on the bullshit argument they are making. Pedestrians are slow when you have to show that they can’t cross the street without getting run over and they are fast when you have to show how cars aren’t necessary as people can just get around on foot or bicycle.

I’m sure my readers are familiar with this general concept as Jews can be either white or non-white as well as either a race, ethnicity or religion depending on which of your holes the Jews are fucking at any given moment.

I’ve looked at some of his posts.
He haates cars…the idea of people taking short trips etc.
And I feel confident the smug bastard does not ride a bicycle to get around.

maybe he does some photo ops, like how Greta Thunberg used a sail boat to get to UN in NYC from Europe

i wonder if the average idiot thinks they are going to get a Yacht like this ( complete with a highly skilled crew needed to operate it ) when they feel like visiting Europe LOL

Andrew Tate be like - hey Greta, look how expensive my supercars are ! and Greta be like - HAHAHAHA ! ! ! do you have any idea how much my yacht costs ? it literally says “Monaco” on the side of that yacht - that should give you a clue Andrew - how is the weather in Romania by the way ? LOL

Greta sailed from Plymouth, UK, to New York, United States aboard the racing yacht Malizia II, returning from Hampton, Virginia, to Lisbon on the catamaran La Vagabonde. Thunberg refuses to fly because of the carbon emissions of the airline industry and the trip was announced as carbon neutral.

Shit i would refuse to fly too if somebody from Monaco offered me their state of the art racing Yacht every time i threw a tantrum …

Helmets are Racist.

Andy is very worried about your safety.

That’s why Cycling Activists and City Planners like him remind Cyclists every day to NOT wear helmets.

If that makes no sense to you it’s probably because you aren’t as smart and educated as Andy.

or you’re just simply not a WEF partner.

I swear they’re trolling us now …

where is that rat fuck @kanyewest when you need him to tell us that Slippery Slope is a Conspiracy Theory and it has been DEBOONKED !

another euphemism - a ROAD DIET

what is funny is that progressives insist that diets for humans are FATPHOBIC but they know nobody is buying that BS so they still continue to use the term “diet” in a positive way when referring to removing road lanes …

so if you want to be progressive remember - we like fat people and skinny roads - don’t mix it up !

my other favorite euphemism is “Traffic Calming” which sounds a lot better than traffic clogging for example …

do you like sitting in traffic waiting for a crash to be cleared ? probably not. well if we just ban driving there will be no crashes and you will never have to sit in traffic again waiting for a crash to clear !

no lanes = no conflict points !

nobody ever needs to go to work again !

only gay clubbing on the same block you live in until the end of time !

yes, they are this stupid.

somebody on X taking a dunk on Andy and Cyclists that i thought was worth reposting ( the link includes a video of a cyclist getting run over at the end, which is why i couldn’t just quote the text )

Nitter is just a read-only Viewer for X / Twitter.

if you need to find the same post on X all you have to do is copy the link into address bar and replace “” with “” …

and here is something from the comments:

The cyclist is immunized against all dangers: One may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But hit him with your car and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been runover.”

this is of course a parody of a quote from Goebbels:

The Jew is immunized against all dangers: One may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out”

( the above are usually shared as JPEGs )