Amazon creates new robot to replace their warehouse workers

Was this your comment?

John Jones

1 day ago

“Goycattle your animal labor is no longer required, time for you to take what our gov gives you since you own nothing and what rights you have we will give you. Those of you who are useless will board the electric green powered cattle cars to the soyboylent (green) plant where the beyond meat, insect protein bars and such are made out of red paste dye #87 and other “all natural” “organic” ingredients. Food for all you animals is now free at an adjusted caloric intake per our needs”-grand kahalsanhedrin.

UBI will be the next big voting slogan.

no that wasn’t me LOL

based of New York Post ( not to be confused with New York Times ) to allow comments …

as for Universal Basic Income you are clearly obsessed with it … why don’t you start a thread about it and explain why it bothers you so much.

i never gave UBI any thought to be honest, but i could make a few comments on it anyway …

include some links to preferably short but insightful posts on that subject for some context …

Only in the sense of ever-increasing control the rulers will have over the ruled.

no you clearly are bothered by it. you always bring it up in completely unrelated contexts.

you should start a thread, get it out of your system LOL


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