Acebeam L35 Flashlight - initial impressions

great flashlight. love it.

please note 5,000 lumen is only burst ( Turbo ) mode.

also note the color of the beam is ORANGE.

i got this as upgrade to my Fenix TK22 that i got 11 years ago, so that was my reference point.

the main differences from TK22 are beam shape and beam angle. both solid upgrades. beam shape of L35 is to die for - makes TK22 beam shape look like a joke by comparison. L35 beam feathers out to very wide spill in a gradual manner. TK22 beam is basically two circles - half as wide as L35 and not gradual at all. huge, HUGE upgrade to beam shape. this is of course courtesy of TIR ( total internal reflection ) optic.

but not all optic flashlights will be like this. i sampled a cheap walmart flashlight that has an optic and it was nowhere close.

the one knock against L35 optic is there is very strong color fringing, but beam shape is insanely nice.

the other difference from TK22 is beam color. the TK22 color is cold, blue, sterile. color of L35 is warm … almost like it’s designed for a romantic dinner, despite being a tactical flashlight.

at first i was shocked how orange the light was, but then i realized i am not actually buying this to go to war - but to survive blackouts. as such the warm light is actually more suitable to my needs as it’s a more pleasing color for just passing time when there is no electricity. the color rending is also quite nice - an upgrade from TK22.

all in all this is definitely a luxury flashlight. from the warmth of the 5000K Cree XHP70.2 led to the smoothness of the TIR optic to well thought out features and overall build quality, to the beautiful OD Green color my unit is finished in and so on …

one thing that is cheap though is the holster. you can barely stuff the flashlight in there. the other thing that is cheap-ish is the manual is very small, the font is hard to read due to size. the included USB cable is very short.

so is it perfect ? no. but it’s pretty sweet never the less. yes i absolutely recommend it. worth the $100 ( my TK22 was about same price but a decade ago ).

i picked up mine with Amazon Prime but it may not be available when you want it. Amazon stock seems to be hit and miss. same as how my Niz keyboard isn’t available on Amazon anymore.

also interesting Amazon had it in OD Green but AceBeam website has it in black. i prefer Amazon buying of course and i also prefer the OD Green. Amazon also had the lower price too.

my first LED flashlight was SureFire brand. the next THREE flashlights were Fenix. this is my first AceBeam and so far it seems like my next flashlight ( if any ) will be AceBeam as well.

Fenix as a brand is good too, still, but AceBeam has that extra little something. basically AceBeam is simply more special than Fenix.

yes i recommend this flashlight but realistically you may not be able to get it for a good price or with prime and may have to go for some other model from AceBeam instead. just make sure you get one with TIR optic and 21700 battery. AceBeam has a few similar models that are only one notch below L35 but you may have better luck finding with Amazon Prime whenever you go to actually buy.

here is the manual if you want to read it:

my version from Amazon included the battery with built in USB-C port, but on AceBeam store you can delete the battery and save $20 … though the price i paid on Amazon was like the price without the battery on AceBeam store and i still got the battery … so a great deal …

but when i looked a month ago it wasn’t available with Prime at all … this is why i said, Amazon situation is sketchy … it may or may not be there when you want it …

my Niz keyboard is the same - i snatched it at great price from Amazon and it has never been back in stock since. i want a 2nd Niz keyboard for my other PC but it is never in stock. this AceBeam seems like it might follow a similar pattern.