Accounts to follow on Twitter

Obviously this list will be edited overtime.

Post your comments and suggestions.

I will probably add spotlights for some of the accounts in replies later …


Andrew Tate:

WEF adjacent accounts:



pickup game:

White Nationalist:





People who are literally smarter than me ( i know this must be hard to believe LOL ):

Instead of adding new accounts to list above i will add them in replies, otherwise nobody will know who was added. i will only edit the above list to remove accounts that were disappointing ( like the ones who blocked me for example ), but any new additions go in replies below:

very cool account:

this is a Canadian “Bro” who happens to understand WEF agenda pretty well. he’s currently talking about 15 minute cities.

nice, will add the ones I dont have already. Also sonny might as well unblock me there too just easier to communicate sometimes on it. @imperiumfx

not a chance.

you can always reach me here.

whats your logic behind that ? Its just easier to follow.

why did the Sun King Louis XIV build the Versailles and establish the Court ?

that wasnt his only house :wink:

its just you share some interesting things on twitter and it would be easier to follow and then discuss them here.

tell me which subjects interest you and i will make sure to share them on here.

good vibes account: