About the Ecofascist Utopia category

this is where @kanyewest attempts to design a perfect world but i embarrass him because i have already designed a better one …

Designing a better world is very much possible. Trying to achieve or even think about perfection is a dangerous approach that leads to disastrous results like we saw in the 20th century.

We are still using the same approach we took decades ago and things continue to get worse. Moreover, it is completely unsustainable so the current infrastructure is destined for collapse.

this is an “about” thread. it isn’t a topic. it’s a forum description.

start some new threads with your best ideas and i will show you what genius ideas look like.

when you compare my genius ideas to the retardation happening in the Netherlands you will understand who is a living g_d and who is a bunch of slaves choking on Klaus Scwab dick.

what is happening in Netherlands only appears smart because you are comparing it to what car and oil industries did in America 50 years ago.

i never said i can’t design a future that is infinitely better than what America did 50 years ago. all i said is that the future Klaus Schwab has designed is WORSE.

Klaus Schwab future is basically just Chinese bicycles, Indian Trains and Hong Kong sleep pods but for Europeans. It is nothing more than good old poverty.

Oh and of course it will come with prison style economics and health care, also known as Communism. Combined with all the freedom of movement you will find in a prison.

Can i design an infinitely better future ? Of course ! It would be trivially simple for a genius like me. But realistically our options are try to hold on to Post WW2 America or accept Klaus Schwab vision.

But we don’t have to be realistic on this forum. We can talk about how a Genius ( me ) would do it.

Just understand that people in power ( WEF ) aren’t interested in improving the lives of their cattle, and this Genius vision will forever remain just a dream …

but we can certainly talk about it …