50 car pileup in Ohio

Is it just me, or does it seem like people completely lost the ability to drive like sensible human beings since the COVID scam? I haven’t seen as much reckless maniacal driving in the rest of my life as I’ve seen in the past two years. This is an area that gets blanketed in snow and ice every year and these braindead morons forget that you can’t drive 80mph when the weather is bad.

not gonna lie i’m one of those idiots who drives 80 mph in a snow storm

one time got caught in a snow storm going from Connecticut to NYC and spun out THREE TIMES in one day - barely avoiding ending up under an 18 wheeler semi or in a ditch …

was one of the most fun days of driving in my life ! the ditches on both sides of the road were full of cars.

the other few fun driving experiences were when i didn’t see anything from either snow freezing on windshield in NYC or fog in SF … or from tripping on mushrooms in Queens.

and of course when i was drunk going 120 mph in 30 mph zone in NYC … though it is only fun to think of it in retrospect because at the time it didn’t feel like a big deal at all - i was too drunk to understand how close to death we were …

all those guys that buy Ferraris and then tell everybody how much “fun” those cars are LOL. fun has nothing to do with the car you’re driving. fun is about how close you’re pushing to the limit.

sadly automotive journalists are the same as Audiophile reviewers - they are 100% full of shit. trying to quantify how much “fun” a car is - what absolute bullshit.

i had boatloads of fun with a 1990 Ford Taurus back in high school. my friend was driving, a few chicks were in the car and i was on the windshield pleading with him to stop … with my nuts hanging out of my shorts … this was on a beach parking lot in Far Rockaway, Brooklyn.

you get the idea.

anyway stay safe everybody. stay home. and move down south.

i’m sure you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that as a professional Genius i have solved that problem as well years ago:

highways should be covered with a roof / canopy as in the image above …

the opaque but translucent cover would protect against sun glare, wind, rain, snow and ice as well as provide lighting, signs and signals, traffic and surveilance cameras, 5G antennas, power and data cables, sprinkler system and so on …

eventually this roof would actually become one giant superintelligence like Solaris and as soon as you entered under that canopy it would take over the driving - instead of using just the few sensors in your own car to drive it - it would both know and control the position and speed of all other objects on the road and if any car suffered a tire blowout for example it could immediately begin to brake all other cars as far as maybe 2 or 3 miles behind it thus avoiding traffic waves and pileup crashes …

also most potholes are caused by water freezing in pavement cracks breaking the pavement and of course with the canopy there would be no water to freeze in those cracks …

the tunnel wouldn’t be air tight of course to maintain air quality - it would simply block direct sunlight and precipitation and have provisions to dampen strong wind gusts that can make certain tall and light box truck type vehicles unstable …

of course this world is a dump and nobody actually cares about improving anything - not even me !

i used to invent all sorts of brilliant things like this when i was younger until i finally realized that people are basically rats who only talk about how they want to make things better but really they just want to bite each other’s dicks off …

no industry or area of life is immune to this aspect of human nature …

Audiophile Sound Systems are just one of an infinite number of examples of this at work …

things are garbage not because we can’t fix them but because at best nobody cares or there is no profit in it and at worst somebody benefits from things being fucked …

in case of roads of course as you might imagine the Elites aren’t the ones stuck on them - they are flying privately. they WANT the roads to fail. even people less brilliant than me have figured this out by now:

under our homosexual transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg we are now going to be spending billions of dollars to DISMANTLE EXISTING ROADS to punish them for being racist !

i fucking WISH i was joking !

We don’t need to switch all cars to EV’s. We just need way fewer cars. We built our country and cities to maximize dependence on cars. It’s really stupid. We need them for everything and need them to go anywhere. We could easily build cities where most people don’t need cars for anything, but instead we build cities that are just labyrinths of parking lots and highways and cars are needed just to survive.

If highways were covered like in that photo they wouldn’t be accessible from the side and would just turn into walls for wildlife and anything else that needs to cross. If anything it would better sense just to build an underground tunnel.

We don’t need canopies or tunnels though. We just need better drivers who don’t drive like retards on the few days of the year when the weather is really bad.

I was just driving on the highway around here where we had a bad snow storm. I must have seen around a hundred cars crashed and abandoned in the ditch. The storm was two days ago and conditions were clear today, so the roads were fine when I was driving.

What’s funny is that this mayhem only happened in states where the drivers education is shit. In my state where the drivers education is pretty decent and we have standards for giving out licenses people are better drivers than the ones in these podunk states. I saw no accidents or cars abandoned in the ditch despite the fact that we get the same amount of snow. We never get big pileups like this one in Ohio. When it’s snowy and slippery everybody slows down to like 10mpg because we understand that cars don’t work well on slippery roads and they aren’t magic boxes that are attached to the road and protect us from all danger and wrongdoing.

when the weather is really bad i try not to leave the home, but if for whatever reason i leave the home it’s SPARTA !

you missed all the fun …

we don’t need anything to be honest. things are perfectly fine as they are. but i can always think of ways to make things better. likewise there is nothing wrong with just getting some Prosound 3-Way boxes and a couple 18" or 21" subs, but that doesn’t stop me from inventing schizophrenic solutions to imaginary problems.

it is not a good idea to cross a highway in the first place … perhaps it is the wildlife that should use tunnels to cross …

well … i literally spent 20 years living in NYC which is the one city in US where you don’t need a car. after 20 years i moved out for that reason and that reason alone. i was tired of living in a liberal Utopia that was getting more aggressively Utopian by the day.

a good friend of my cousin’s whom i met a few times had his throat slashed by a black guy on the subway because he wouldn’t give up his iPod … i was personally told by a black man that he will “break every bone in my body” on the subway ( because my Jacket was bright color and i accidentally made eye contact with him ) … i don’t know how it would have ended if his GF didn’t run out of the train when she heard him say that and he had to run after her …

and this was a long time ago ! i haven’t used NYC subway in about 15 years ! even though i only moved out of NYC about 3 years ago i haven’t been using public transit the last couple years i lived in NYC - instead i was spending up to about 5 hours a day in traffic in a car. eventually i got tired of this and moved out.

can you design a city so that cars aren’t necessary ? sure. you don’t need a car in NYC ! i didn’t stop using NYC mass transit because it couldn’t get me from A to B but because i prefer to get to B alive and in one piece, and that is getting increasingly more difficult …


both are dangerous but a snow storm is beautiful and fun, while NYC subway is ugly and dehumanizing, like prison.

additionally behavioral science has proven that population density of cities leads directly to species extinction while diversity is known to lead to violence …

so yeah aside from the fact that nobody in cities has kids and everybody kills each other they’re great for getting people out of cars !

of all my high school friends from NYC exactly ONE had kids ( one child ). several have either gone to prison or committed suicide. this is SCIENTIFICALLY KNOWN to be the psychological toll of living in a city, and has been known for centuries. it is one of the main reasons why the elites want us living in cities in the first place ( to end us ).

or are you one of those folks who think the Elites didn’t know the lockdowns were going to result in a massive wave of suicides among children and teenagers ? THEY LITERALLY STUDIED THIS SHIT for at least a century.

my dear Kanye you need to be a little bit more critical of the propaganda you receive.

yes, i am aware of all the points you brought up regarding city planning and car dependence … i have debated actual city planners on Twitter for years … they only care about sucking WEF / Klaus Schwab dick … i follow a fuckload of them even now because i believe in the " keep your friends close - keep your enemies closer " principle. i like to know where my enemy stands so i can more effectively take them down …

did you know that most animals do not breed in captivity ? think humans are different ? think again …

a city is like a zoo - humans do not breed in cities … and Elites know this.

the elites will literally study behavioral science for a century ( which shows conclusively that population density leads to societal collapse ) and then publish articles that tell you that smelling other people’s farts is good for you, and therefore you should sell your car and ride mass transit …

then they report life expectancy dropping and be like “oh it’s covid and drug overdoses” … no it’s the vax and suicides. people aren’t dying - you’re killing them - there is a difference :wink:

in Canada they are denying people health care and offering them medically assisted suicide instead of treatment. these are the same people who are telling you to give up the car and move to a city. i wonder if there may be a pattern here. LOL

in US they are now promoting cannibalism ( via New York Times, Hollywood etc ). i wish i was joking, but i’m not.

these are the same people doing it that are “educating” you about city planning.

believe me they aren’t telling you everything LOL

heh, almost forgot, i grew up in Soviet Union ( Kiev ) before emigrating to NYC. needless to say most people in Soviet Kiev didn’t have cars … yet somehow managed.

my family did have a Lada but it was out of service most of the time or you had to push it uphill etc.

so your enlightened visions for the “car free” future really are not much more than simply going back to Soviet Union …

same goes for meatless diet and other “innovations” of the “progressives”

it’s called Communism and Poverty.

Been there, done that.

This doesn’t mean i oppose all “progress” … i actually like pornography as you know …

but when you fall for blatant WEF / commie propaganda i have to point it out …

i have yet to meet one person who experienced this:

and doesn’t prefer driving.

can you imagine sending children to school via NYC public transit every day ?

that’s why for the most part nobody in NYC is having children.

a city is a prison / zoo.

New York City is not representative of American cities. In fact it is practically one-of-a-kind in terms of how much of a freakshow it is. There are other liberal shithole cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Portland that are basically uninhabitable wastelands of homelessness and crime. New York City has some of that. It is really a playground for rich kids, people working in finance, and college graduates looking to have some fun. And all the ethnic populations that washed up there and ended up staying like Blacks and Orthodox Jews. It really is a strange mix. In any case there are no cities like it.

Most Americans live in some kind of urban area, whether it be a large or medium sized city or suburb thereof. Any population of more than a few thousand people is basically a city.

Our cities were originally built to be navigated by foot and maybe horse. Roads were eventually adapted for automobile. Go to any town in America built before WWII and you will find an area where people used to live and access everything by foot. They weren’t overcroweded concrete jungles like New York. They were just practically designed places for people to live that didn’t devote 90% of the land to automobiles.

Me saying this has nothing to do with WEF propoganda. And to the extent that the WEF is promoting the same thing they are correct.

You love efficiency, right? Surely you can look at the madness of urban life in America and recognize how painfully inefficient it is. Everything we do is hampered by the fact that so much of our land and resources are used for these clumsy mechanical beasts that everyone has to own in order to participate in this society that seems to have been designed to maximize our dependence on them.

We could easily design the country so that workplaces and everything people need on a day-to-day basis is within walking distance, and I know that because that’s how everything had been designed for all of human history up to a few decades ago.

And I don’t hate cars or want to get rid of them. I love the convenience of being able to drive to places far away whenever I want. They are a remarkable invention. I just recognize the fact that it’s completely retarded thar everyone needs one of these stupid things to do anything in our country.

to me it’s not a city if it doesn’t have subway.

i was born in Kiev which of course has beautiful subway, arguably second only to Moscow subway in the whole world on the Aesthetics front, though of course Tokyo is number 1 when it comes to sheer volume of people moved, with NYC probably in 2nd place.

did we run out of land ? what did i miss ?

well they are correct in the sense that if you’re a young healthy person and it isn’t raining and the road isn’t covered in snow or ice and you’re not riding through a black neighborhood then a bicycle is perfectly adequate transportation …

in other words they are wrong.

because half the people aren’t young or healthy, half the neighborhoods in most cities are no-go zones, half of the days in a year it is raining and so on …

yes i agree. very inefficient. sell your Ford F150 Raptor, get a Toyota Prius and voila - problem solved.

urban areas occupy 3% of earth surface. what would you do with that 3% if you were able to recover it ? NOTHING.

also believe me - i speak from experience - it is much better to be dependent on cars than on bicycles and mass transit. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

if you want to reduce dependence on cars work from home and order food delivered to your door. i had groceries delivered during the entire pandemic and still have water delivered.

i want you to think deeply about what i am going to say as this is not a joke.

imagine that i told you that you are leg dependent. that your entire lifestyle depends on having legs.

and that i can help you break free from that dependence by amputating your legs.

did you know that your legs consume 1/3 of all nutrients and calories in your body ?

did you know that without legs you would be able to sleep in a smaller bed ?

did you know that the only reason you need legs is because our society isn’t fully supportive of leg-free living ?

legs are like children - an artifact of the past. embrace child-free and leg-free life.

get your free vasectomy and pre-register for your euthanasia.


“car free” is another one of those “free” things …

ah yes - a store that is 5 minutes walk away - when it’s 20F outside you need 20 minutes to dress warm enough so you don’t freeze and the second you walk into the store you start sweating like a pig.

i have literally lived most of my life that way and you probably never even tried it and you are telling me how great it is. i’m not sure who is more out of touch with how real people live - Klaus Schwab or you LOL.

you know what i prefer ? preconditioning my car from the phone app and getting into it wearing shorts and flip flops.

i have lived in California so i understand it may be hard for you to imagine but there are places on this planet where it isn’t warm and sunny every day LOL

people suffer very serious injuries slipping on ice, even without a bicycle.

when your bicycle slips on ice and you crack your skull on a curb you will question the wisdom of saving a bit of carbon dioxide by not taking the car …

that’s good - do you know what life expectancy used to be back then ? no it wasn’t vaccines that changed this. it was things like plumbing and other things collectively known as civilization, that you and WEF want to reverse to “free” us from them.


do you really fucking think anybody is going to ALLOW you to do that in the future ? you will have to prove in court that you had a VALID REASON to drive more than 5 kilometers away from your home.

thank you.

we need a lot more things than cars. we also need cell phones for example. money. clothes. plumbing. refrigerators. cooktops.

so much dependence ! horrific ! how could humanity go so wrong ?

we must abolish all those things IMMEDIATELY !

free humanity from everything that isn’t absolutely necessary.

except private jets. those don’t use any fuel.

and private rape islands. those don’t use any land.

show me on the doll where cars have hurt you.

how have you been personally traumatized by racist roads and unfair way in which the cars have usurped all of our land for their parking ?

please don’t say cars have stolen your childhood and your dreams. be original.

look @kanyewest i am not against sidewalks. i love sidewalks. i think all roads should have sidewalks.

but in a free society NOBODY WILL USE THEM.

because people will just drive anyway.

until driving is banned.

which it will be.

by the way @kanyewest me and @OldFriendSaysHello used to cycle in Manhattan

and i would even cycle from basically Brighton Beach to Central Park and back which is a 30+ mile ride.

so you can absolutely do that in NYC … but most people aren’t insane enough to do that … i was one of the very very few who did …

why people in Amsterdam do it ? i don’t know. maybe they ban cars from certain streets ? most European cities now do.

if you ban cars from most road lanes such that only about 20% of road capacity is allotted to cars and the rest to pedestrians and cyclists and buses obviously people will give up cars rather than being stuck in traffic forever.

which is exactly what they’re doing in Europe.

but if you have wide, flat, empty roads where you can just sail like where i live in NJ - you won’t see anybody on bicycles except people like me doing cardio.

because only an idiot will do anything other than drive a car in any scenario where cars are properly accommodated in terms of road and parking.

dependence on cars simply stems from the fact that when there is ample road capacity and parking space 99% of people choose to drive over anything else.

as such it makes no sense to waste money on accommodating the remaining 1% who can just move to Amsterdam if they hate cars as much as you do.

people only choose to use something other than a car when driving is essentially impossible due to either traffic or lack of parking.

dependence on cars is a choice. this is what we want. we don’t want to be saved. please stop trying to save us.

Have you ever lived anywhere other than the New York Metropolitan area and Kiev?

i lived in Sunnyvale in Silicon Valley in California for a year.

it was nice except for the neighbors. the mexican drug dealers would play some ball game in my front yard to remind me that i shouldn’t look at their women and the blacks would send their pit bull to run around my house and then go swimming in my pool.

i really loved the weather and the parks but i’m not going to miss those animals err i mean neighbors.

as much as i enjoyed mountain biking on California trails at the end of the day i can do with working out in a gym and i would much rather have neighbors that aren’t trying to kill me.

great weather often times comes at the expense of blacks and / or mexicans i am afraid unless you’re rich and can live like in the mountains at which point you wouldn’t just need a car but you would be needing a lot of gas as well to get up there.

forget smaller bed - without legs apartments could have 5 foot tall ceilings.

without legs you could fit twice as many people in a bus half the size !

surely as an efficiency appreciatoor you must admit legs are useless and idiotic clunky things that are completely backward and show a lack of sophistication.

by amputating your legs not only do you no longer have to feed your legs but your legs can now feed somebody else - literally ! they can be given to starving children in Africa to eat !

there have always been people who were able to do without legs - why should they have to pay for 8 foot ceilings and leg room on the bus ? it is unfair. we must end leg privilege by amputation.

and why stop there - do you really need TWO arms ?

The Jew in you is showing. That’s a silly dishonest argument and you know it.

well we know i’m a Jew - but why are you so blue-pill ?

yes i like efficiency. as i said i think most people should switch their F150 for a Prius - i mean that - it is not a joke.

my neighbor has TWO Silverados ( one for himself and one for his son, and his wife has a crossover ) and they are always perfectly clean and i have never seen him haul ANYTHING in them.

they just use those pickups to signal that they are MEN but they don’t do any work with them. they would be served perfectly fine with Priuses, except their egos would take a hit.

Silverado > Prius is 15 mpg > 50 mpg without any real loss of comfort or safety. A Prius seats 5 and their entire family is 3 people.

this is an easy switch, all benefits, no downsides - nobody cares - nobody will do it.

on other hand these WEF 15 minute cities … the first thing they do is remove parking spots and close down lanes or entire streets to cars. that is real pain.


once again, yes i believe in efficiency, but there is a difference between efficiency and austerity.

AUSTERITY is the correct technical term for these “car free” 15-minute WEF cities …

and i actually support them 100% ! ! ! i absolutely think most people should live in places like NYC and Amsterdam, maybe even you should live there.

i’m just saying that * I * would rather be dead than live in one of these Utopias.

as a member of intellectual Elite i understand that other people should make sacrifices for the greater good, however * I * myself am not going to make them.

Klaus Schwab is keeping his private jet and i’m keeping my car.

but i 100% support everybody else selling theirs and getting a bicycle and moving to NYC, SF or Amsterdam.

Yes cars are extremely wasteful and polluting, just like Private Jets. No argument.

Yes people should tighten their belts and learn to live with less.

Yes bicycles and cities are more efficient than cars and suburbs.


but let somebody else do it !