3 - Level - Transport Infrastructure

how do we transition from car-dependent cities to something better ?


add electric subway lines underground.

and build raised pedestrian / cycling walkways / MUPs ABOVE existing road infrastructure.

( MUP = Multi Use Pathway )

there should be NO trams, light rail, cycling or rollerblading on the road OR sidewalk.

everything that is on rails goes underground. everything that is bicycle-like ( E-Bikes, Scooters, Rollerblades ) goes on the raised MUP.

here is a picture of a Brooklyn Bridge Pedestrian Walkway:

( if you’re wondering why the girls are so thin its because they are tourists from Europe )

and here is Manhattan Bridge Bike Lane:


i have PERSONALLY USED BOTH and loved it !

If we can build these over East River then we can build them over any road.

there is absolutely NO NEED to remove any car lanes or parking spots to build these.

and NOT ONE PERSON will ever be run over by a car using these.

there should be NO changes to the roads or sidewalks themselves. we do not modify or convert ANYTHING. we ADD NEW infrastructure both ABOVE and BELOW the ground.

anybody who wants to ride the train OR ride a bicycle OR walk is free to do so without cars getting in the way.

and Fire Trucks, Ambulances and other essential vehicles don’t have to deal with batshit insane Cycling Activists assaulting them …

city planners will never agree to this because this would actually accomplish what they pretend to be fighting for, namely improving safety and giving people options in commuting.

because the real goal of all city planners is simply to destroy car ownership as commanded by their master Klaus Schwab of the WEF ( World Economic Forum ) fame.

yes Klaus Schwab controls them all - he doesn’t even try to deny it. there is no need for masters to deny anything. the slaves will do all the denial on their own.