2021 was deadliest year in US history

i’m sure the vaccines had nothing to do with it of course …

at least they mentioned “overdoses” ( suicides )

depopulation going to plan !

A site called Deagle had some massive depop figures but they took down the page.

Heard about it?

haven’t heard.


looks like bullshit

dumb kids post stuff like this all the time for fun

everybody on the internet competes for attention

one time i saw a meme posted by “our side” and i realized it was fake and pointed out to the person who posted it and his response was that i was “boring”

me pointing out that the meme he posted was fake was “boring”

he DID NOT CARE if the meme is fake, only that that he gets retweets

if this shit was real it would be posted on official site of WEF or UN or whatever - they post shit like this completely in the open

they aren’t worried about anybody reading it because they know people can’t read or think - all they can do is turn on their TV and the talking head on TV will read from the teleprompter whatever you need to know

if anybody starts talking about it call them nazis and ban them from all social media for spreading “medical misinformation”

if they don’t take the hint Epstein them

i wonder how many thousands of bored kids are employed by the establishment to write garbage like that on internet just to waste the time of the gullible in a war of attrition …

99% of all conspiracy shit you see online is written by the establishment itself just to waste your time on pointless bullshit …

there is in fact a fairly good chance you’re getting paid by government to waste my time by linking to that stuff LOL

reading is for fools anyway. i don’t read. i just make shit up.

the shit i make up ends up being real. the shit you read ends up being fake :slight_smile:

considering the last couple times i was banned from Twitter it was for “evading ban” they know who i am and probably have some agents attached to my “case” … maybe you’re one of them.

but it’s doubtful or you should be trying to convince me to do some kind of terror attack or at least have sex with some children.

The comments on the WEF twitter are unreal.
People roasting them left and right…and they don’t care.
I should re-check the WEF twitter and see if they remove the comments.

haha yeah it’s amazing 10 out of 10 comments are calling their BS and they still allow comments.


people really need to think more and listen less.

it simply doesn’t matter what somebody said or wrote or whatever.

just use your own brain. don’t listen to anybody.