2001 a Space Odyssey ( 1968 )


an absolute classic from Stanley Kubrick - i recognized many scenes that were later referenced or ripped off by other movies from “The Matrix” ( one of the sequels ) to “Wall-E” to “Spaceballs” to “Interstellar” … and of course “Interstellar” itself was parodied by “Beavis and Butthead do the Universe” while “Spaceballs” was parodied by Elon Musk with his Ludicrous mode and “Plaid” model …

i could also see how Tarkovsky’s Solaris ( 1972 ) was influenced by the Space Odyssey …

as for the movie itself it is very slow and some parts of it are very dated and poorly made … but this actually adds to the charm because you’re not watching this movie to see latest effects like with “Top Gun Maverick” … you’re watching it because it’s a CLASSIC

in a typical Kubrick fashion there are flashes of pure genius in the movie interspersed with parts that are very bad. i guess this comes with being original and bold ?

yes i recommend this movie but mostly as an art history lesson, not so much as something profound let alone as entertainment.

the movie tries to be profound and partially succeeds, but is hampered by being really dated. as entertainment it is quite bad except a few good scenes and even those are twice as long as they need to be.

a star rating would be meaningless here. it is a movie most will find painfully dull and yet you should probably watch it anyway.

well, that’s my review !

i also posted the Analysis, which of course you shouldn’t look at unless you saw the movie already !

I am going to watch it so I am avoiding the analysis.

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