The quest to replace my garbage Logitech mechanical keyboard

mechanical switch bounce delay:

some random information about keyboards:

Don’t know if you watch TechLead on YouTube but he is some sort of super-typist and has a video on what he uses.

yeah i actually watched that video. i was going to post it but forgot.

i remember you posted his video about Elon but i haven’t watched that one.

anyway i subbed to him he’s pretty funny.


i finally pick a keyboard ( Wooting 60 HE ) which is about $180 list price, then when i actually try to buy … it’s $600 used HAHAHAHAHAHA ! ! !

shit …

it’s kind of like when i was trying to buy Ducky Mecha Mini keyboard before but it was never in stock …

OK i ordered …

1st choice was Wooting 60 HE at $180 list but $600 used street price

2nd choice was Steelseries Apex Pro TKL Wireless 2023 at $250 list and same street price

3rd choice was Steelseries Apex Pro Mini Wireless at $240 list but on 1/3 off sale for $160 on Amazon

i went with the 3rd choice.

all 3 keyboards use hall effect sensor type contactless analog switches.

the sale was the deciding factor in which one of the 3 i picked.

as an added benefit compared to the Wooting it is wireless and compared to the TKL it is smaller.

plus i had TKL for a few years and i wanted to learn the 60% ( mini ) layout.

here is one of the many reviews on YouTube of the keyboard i ordered:

but i have to stress that i only ordered it because of the sale.

i am not claiming it’s the best keyboard - wooting 60 HE is.

but i’m not paying $600 for a used keyboard …

i will be deleting this thread after i receive the keyboard ( next tuesday ) and test it out.

i want to keep the site clear of clutter.

so i will delete this thread and post a review instead.

actually there was also a 4th option - Razer Huntsman Mini Analog, which i simply forgot to check …

it’s $150 list and 1/3 off for Cyber Monday so just $99 now.

fuck i need to sleep…

you gotta be shitting me

my order was cancelled because i forgot to make a payment on my Amazon card

i was just getting ready to move on with life now i have to re-order the keyboard which means i will start researching again


could be worse

i mean it’s still Sunday which means i haven’t missed Cyber Monday sale yet

a few hours of research later …

re-ordered the same keyboard …

same price …

but now it comes Thursday instead of Tuesday …

fuck i can’t wait to get the new keyboardd

i am adjusting my typing style to the current defective keyboard to minimize errors generated by the keyboard

and that’s going to ruin my typing in the long term

space bar biggest offender - double spaces everything sometimes triple

letter “D” is the second biggest offender but all are fucked

don’t type on a wrong keyboard - you will learn bad technique