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( i recommend anything i rated 4 or higher )

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( i haven’t actually watched “The Big Short” - i rated it to influence the algorithm’s recommendations, as i would like to see more movies like it )

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Page 8 ( last page ).

I haven’t actually watched “Django Unchained” or “Black Panther” - i gave them both 0.5 stars because i don’t want the algorithm making Anti-White, Pro-Nigger recommendations to me.

It is quite possible that “Django Unchained” has some value as cinema but Jamie Foxx was pretty open about the fact that his favorite part about that movie is him killing all the white people, and i am not cool with this.

now that i think about it i need to search for “Inglorious Basterds” and give it 0.5 stars as well.

my Wish List sorted by “recommended” ( not actually the order in which i will be watching ):

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Page 3 ( going to stop there ):

these lists aren’t comprehensive.

there are many movies i watched but haven’t rated because i don’t remember them well enough to rate them ( Big Lebowski, Fight Club etc. )

keep in mind i am rating these movies specifically to influence the algorithm’s suggestions, so if i am unsure it is better to not rate.

there are also some movies i intend to see ( example: clockwork orange ) but i haven’t added them to wish list because i don’t expect to forget that i need to see them.

MovieLens provides certain analytics for you …

actually i’m going to revise some of these right now …

EDIT: dropped some 5.0 star movies to 4.5 …